Mobile payments at an online casino

In the past, gambling was typically something you did at the casino. With the advent of the internet this has changed a lot. One after another online casino offers its services on the internet.

To play at an online casino in the Netherlands you need to choose a casino that has a Dutch license. As it looks now, as of October 2021 that’s it. You will be able to play at a fully licensed online casino in the Netherlands.

Mobile payments

Now you can play gambling games anywhere you want. And that’s actually pretty convenient. Especially when you’re bored, it’s handy to be able to play a game. Time goes by a lot faster that way. Whether you’re sitting on the couch, on the road, or even on vacation.

Just grab your smartphone and you’re ready to place your bets. However, gambling via a mobile phone has even more advantages. A very important of these is the fact that paying at a casino is very easy if you have a smartphone at your disposal. There are several options you can take advantage of, and they all work through your phone:

  • – Transfer with an online banking app
  • – Pay by credit card
  • – Pay with Paysafecard: safe and anonymous

Transfer an app for internet banking.

At most casinos you can choose the option “pay by wire transfer”. And if you have a smartphone, chances are you’re using an online banking app. This allows you to make a payment very easily through a few actions.

With most banks you won’t need anything else but your phone to do this. Transferring money to a casino is very simple, just open the app and transfer the money.

Pay by credit card at international casinos

Most major international casinos allow you to pay by credit card. This payment method is relatively fast and generally very reliable. You can usually apply for a credit card at your own bank. The most widely accepted credit cards at casinos are Visa and MasterCard. So make sure you have one of these two options at your disposal.

Paying with Paysafecard: safe and anonymous

The most common payment option besides bank transfers and credit cards is the Paysafecard. The convenient thing about the Paysafecard is that you can start gambling immediately after the transaction. The money is immediately credited to the recipient. So you don’t have to wait unnecessarily long. What makes the Paysafecard unique is that you can make your payments anonymously. It is a kind of prepaid card.

You never have to provide a card number or an account number. So you leave no trace behind. This is nice if you find it important to keep certain things private. You can buy a Paysafecard on several websites. They are available in different amounts. Easy and familiar.