Mega Millions creates millionaire again at Holland Casino

At Holland Casino Nijmegen, the jackpot of a whopping €1,918,039.65 hit one of the slot machines around midnight.

Two visitors from the Nijmegen area decided to try their luck at Holland Casino Nijmegen on Saturday night. The two are no strangers to the casino and regularly visit the HC establishment.

Mega Millions

After playing some other casino games earlier in the evening, the two decided to play the progressive jackpot slot machine Mega Millions. This Mega Millions slot machine is the so called linked slot machines of Holland Casino. The Mega Millions slot machines can be found in every establishment. There are an average of 8 in each Holland Casino.

All of these slot machines are linked by a common progressive jackpot. Each time one of the slot machines in this series is cashed in and spun, the jackpot rises by a small amount. The progressive jackpot always starts at 1 million euros and keeps growing until it falls on one of the machines.

The jackpot does hit several times a year and this time it hit Holland Casino Nijmegen. The jackpot of 1,918,039.65 euros fell just after midnight, Holland Casino announced on Sunday.

Totally unreal and incredibly cool”.

This was the reaction of the lucky winners who wished to remain anonymous.

In the game, where the maximum stake is 5 euros, five ‘Mega Millions’ symbols must be visible next to each other on the slot machine in order to win the jackpot. If less money is wagered, the jackpot is also lower. The last time the jackpot fell in Nijmegen was about a year and a half ago, but the winner had only wagered 1 euro, so the cash prize was ‘only’ 75,000 euros.

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A perfect party

Ronald Fugers, casino manager in Nijmegen says:

,,When they were handed the check, everyone started applauding and a kind of honor guard was formed. We offered them a delicious dinner in our restaurant, which they enjoyed immensely on Sunday.”

The jackpot of 1,918,039.65 euros is not the highest amount in the history of the Mega Millions Jackpot. That stands at nearly 3.7 million euros, won by a guest at the Utrecht branch. The jackpot won in Holland Casino is tax free though, so that is very nice for the winners.