Mega Ball

🍀 Is it just like Bingo?

Mega Ball does look like Bingo but it is a completely different game. Mega Ball is more of a gambling game.

🍀 How many cards can you play at Mega Ball at once?

You can play from 1 card to up to 200 cards at a time at Mega Ball.

🍀 How many balls are drawn at Mega Ball?

A machine selects 20 balls and then it’s time for the Mega Ball. So a total of 21 balls come out. Sporadically, a second Mega Ball comes out.

🍀 What is the RTP?

The RTP (Return To Player) is 95.50%.

🍀 How much can you win at Mega Ball?

MAximum amount is limited to €500,000.

Our Verdict

Mega Ball by Evolution is a wonderful game. It is fast paced and has all the facets to make it exciting. The nice thing is that you can win great prizes even with low stakes. This is due to the multiplier at the end of each round. It’s fast and you don’t have to get bored for a moment as a player, especially if you play several cards at once. There is always a chance to win a great prize. As far as we are concerned, Evolution once again hits the bull’s-eye and lives up to its reputation as a top provider.