The Martingale system is the most popular wagering system in a casino. It is also very simple to implement, but does require tight discipline.

Simply put, it comes down to starting with a single bet on single odds in roulette. We’re talking about betting on red or black, even or odd, 1-18 or 19-36. If you lose the bet then you double the next bet. You repeat this doubling until you win. Then you go back to the original bet.

The basics of the Martingale system

The basis of the Martingale system is the assumption that you actually cannot (continue to) lose. The condition, however, is that you have a sufficient budget to play with. For this system you do need to have a healthy dose of patience and perseverance. The only factor that can make the system fail is the maximum bet that can be placed at the casino.

In the Martingale system, you have a starting bet. You place this on a single chance. If you lose this bet, then you double the next bet. This continues until you have won and then you start again with the initial bet. Every time you finish a series winning you win 1 initial bet.

System to play with MartingaleTable of bets in the Martingale system

An example of Martingale in practice

Many players in a casino use the Martingale system from time to time. The only question is whether they realize it themselves. The Martingale system is applicable to 50/50 odds on the roulette table or in other casino games with such odds.

In roulette, these are options where you have (almost) a 50% chance of winning, apart from the number 0 on the board. When placing 1 bet on single chance and applying the Martingale system, you need 63 bets to last 6 rounds if things go wrong.

The probability of losing 6 times in a row at single chance roulette is 2.12%. But beware, it still happens sometimes.

But don’t get rich too fast. Everyone who enters a casino has seen a series of 8x red at a roulette table. So it’s still risky. But with enough budget, you stand a good chance. As long as you don’t exceed the casino’s betting limit.

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Discipline and small winnings

MartingaleThe Martingale system requires discipline and fortitude. You have the freedom to choose your bets and adjust them to your budget, but otherwise you are at the mercy of the roulette table. In land-based and online casinos you can, of course, switch tables at any time. You might want to choose a table that has already had 6 red line bets.

Depending on the amount you bet, your potential winnings are determined. Subsequently, it depends on your expectations whether you are satisfied with any winnings. The Martingale system, however, invites you to take more risks at a later stage, but be careful with that. Your budget will soon be at risk. Also, with higher bets, you’ll get close to the maximum allowed bet more quickly.
Martingale is applied to single chances in roulette
Martingale apply to single odds at roulette

Start low

The Martingale system is a long shot. It is therefore advisable to start with a low stake and to keep an eye on your budget. Let’s say you start with 100 euros, then you would do well to start with 2 euros. After all, it can go fast if you lose 4 or 5 rounds. A little explanation:

  • First bet: Red – 2 euros (loss)
  • Second bet: Red – 4 euros (loss)
  • Third bet: Red – 8 euros (loss)
  • Fourth bet: Red – 16 euro (loss)
  • Fifth bet: Red – 32 euros (loss)

In the above example you would like to continue for a sixth bet, but those who have counted carefully have seen that with the budget of 100 euros you already cannot double any more. You have already lost 62 euros with your first five bets (2+4+8+16+32).

This example indicates that you need to have a decent budget to win a small amount of money in the end.

Landbased casino vs online casino

Anyone who has ever visited Holland Casino knows that your minimum bet on a roulette table is usually 5 euros or higher. This ensures that with the Martingale system you can win a nice amount faster, but with a limited budget you’re at a slight disadvantage with this system. In an online casino there are often more possibilities regarding betting limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use the Martingale system?

Yes, it is. There is nothing illegal about this betting system. There is no casino in the world that prohibits this system.

How effective is the system?

The system will often give you a small profit but there is also a chance that you will lose big amounts of money from time to time. You should take this into account if you decide to apply this system.

Is Martingale only applicable to Roulette?

No, the system can be applied to any casino game with a near 505/50 probability.

Is the system winning in the long run?

No, it isn’t. The expectation is that you can play profitably with the system in the short term if things go a little bit right. But if you keep playing it there will be a long losing streak that will be many times bigger than the profitable sessions. So beware.


  • Easy to use
  • You decide your own initial stake
  • The chance of winning in the short term is considerable
  • Fun to play


  • The system does not increase your chances of winning
  • You need a large budget
  • You can reach the maximum stake
  • Small reward compared to the risk

Several variants of Martingale

Several forms of Martingale can be distinguished and there is one for every type of player.

  • Classic Martingale:
  • The most well-known form of Martingale, where you bet on a 50/50 chance and start doubling down when you lose.

  • Mini Martingale:
  • Setting limits to double down. When you lose you are not going to double immediately, but build up your bet more slowly.

  • Great or Grand Martingale:
  • An aggressive form of the Martingale system. After a losing round you not only double your bet, but add additional money to the sum of the doubling.

  • Anti-Martingale:
  • The anti-Martingale system is not against the form of the Martingale system, but reverses it. This is actually the most aggressive form of Martingale, where after a win (!) a game further doubles his bet. After a loss, he actually reduces his bet.