Major innovations in the gambling world

Now do you think that the gambling world is only slowly changing over time? If so, you’re partly right when you look at the way certain games are still being played and what’s possible.

However, if you look at online gambling, it is fast moving but in real casinos it usually takes a bit longer before anything changes. However, when something is invented and introduced, it has such an impact that it is impossible to imagine the gambling world without it.

Innovations in recent years

When you look at the list, there have been some changes. Many of these innovations are specifically aimed at the guests. The better and more comfortable they are, the more often and longer they will come and continue to gamble. How about the following innovations.

Introduction of the player card/club card

We’ve highlighted the ten most notable innovations and we’ll start the list with the introduction of the Player’s Card for a particular club. In the 20th century, casinos focused on table games and slot machine games (also known as fruit machines) were a bit of a secondary consideration. Less attention was paid to them until the 1970s and 1980s, when new video games began to appear and become more and more popular among players.

  • Quickly becoming popular in casinos all over the world

  • The casinos themselves, of course, also noticed this development but there wasn’t really a good way to reward slot machine players until the 1980s when the Club Card/Player Card was developed. This card first saw the light of day in Atlantic City.

    It had a special feature so that the casinos themselves could track the best players. The card could be inserted into the machine by the player so they could see what bets were made and how much was bet. The card then quickly became popular in other casinos around the world.

    Holland Casino, for example, has the Fovorites Card for its guests. This offers nice perks and benefits to guests who visit regularly. Here you will find all the necessary information about the Favorits Card.

  • Card can be used for more things

  • Nowadays the card is not only used for gambling games but also for table games. Sometimes the card can also be used directly as a key to the hotel room at the casino to pay for food and drinks or other things you would like to do or have.

    An important fact is that the card ensures that no matter how minimal the bet, the players get a reward and are appreciated by the casino. After all, this also makes them feel special and only increases the chances of them coming back again. If you bet a lot and regularly, then of course the reward is higher but that’s only logical.

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Introduction of the TITO system

One change that also stands out is the introduction of the so-called Ticket In/Ticket Out system (TITO). When you think of a casino you almost immediately think of the sound of a coin being inserted into a machine or the rolling of the money when a win is made. However, this sound of coins rolling into the bin at the bottom of the machine is a thing of the past at many casinos. It has been replaced by tickets with bar codes on them that you can exchange for cash or use at another slot machine after winning.
The TITO system is a huge advanceThe TITO system is a huge improvement

  • Much easier to use

  • This invention is one of the biggest innovations in the casino and the TITO ticket is actually used in almost every casino today. As a player, you may miss the distinctive sound of rolling money but such a ticket works a whole lot easier. You no longer have to walk around with a bucket of coins that you can’t leave unattended.

    And waiting a while for everything to be paid out is also a thing of the past. Just print out the card and take it with you and it’s quick and easy. This way more mistakes are avoided and it’s beneficial for both the player and the casino itself because everything is done in a fair way.

Video games on the slot machine

Number three in the line is video games that you can play on a slot machine. Slot machines have been around for over two centuries, but the time-honored slot machine with the jerky arm isn’t around much anymore. Today’s slot machines look a lot different although many people still refer to them as slot machines. Probably out of pure nostalgia.

  • More choice within a large range of games

  • The problem with the old slot machines was that there were only a limited number of combinations and ways to pay out. Mechanical is fun but not as flexible and attractive to players. The big breakthrough for both the casino and the players came when the first video game was introduced to the market in 1975. For the connoisseurs among us but also for a bit of sentiment: this was the game Fortune Coin. With this game, the world around the slot machine changed completely.

  • Gaming becomes more varied and fun

  • The underlying software of the video games provided many more opportunities to play and pay out and the number of symbols that could be spun rapidly became more and more. There were more ways to gamble and play multiple games on a single machine, which only increased the player’s enjoyment. And what’s not exactly to the casino’s detriment either when a player can stay engaged in a game longer and thus stay.

    Gambling games are particularly popular

    In addition to this very practical change, the games themselves were also made more fun so that they became more and more attractive to play. More and more attention was paid to the graphics and free spins and casino bonuses were added to keep the games hip and in line with today’s games. An attractive jackpot added to the game made it even more fun to play. In fact, at one point 80% of the casino’s revenue was due to the gambling games so that says more than enough about their popularity.

    The progressive jackpot

    The next important thing that changed the gambling world was the introduction of the progressive jackpot. It first saw the light of day in 1986 with the introduction of Megabucks. Earlier on it was not possible to win a jackpot that kept increasing in size but the amount was fixed. This was up to a certain maximum which was certainly not small but with a progressive jackpot such as Megabucks the amount that can be won increases the more one plays. Thus, as a winner, you can count on a very large prize.

    All machines were connected to each other for the jackpot

    The first Megabucks machines were connected via telephone lines so that more players could play in more places at the same time and the jackpot grew faster. If you only play on one machine, it can take a long time before you can win a substantial amount. The first progressive jackpot was won in 1987, making the whole phenomenon even more popular.

    Progressive jackpot on more and more games

    Nowadays there are several progressive jackpots that can be found and are accessible to players all over the world. The chances of winning them may not be very high but they remain popular and everyone has an equal chance of winning this jackpot. And if you do, of course, you’ll be in at once. They are not only used in gambling games but also regularly linked to table games, both at online and real casinos.

    Invention to automatically deal cards

    A significant change took place when a device came onto the market that could be used to automatically deal cards. The first attempts to develop such a device date back to the late 19th century, but nothing really useful had been developed to make shuffling easier for croupiers. Devices did appear in the 20th century that made it a little easier for the dealer, but they were by no means a success so people still shuffled the cards themselves.

    • Introduction of The King

    • Until the year 2000, when Shuffle Master introduced their newest invention: The King. This is the first so-called Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM). The introduction of this machine was a huge step forward: after each round or hand that was dealt, the croupier could put the remaining cards back into the machine and they would be shuffled, completely randomly, before being dealt again. In Blackjack in particular, this was a major advance.

    • Card counting becomes virtually impossible

    • The croupier no longer has to shuffle the cards himself but also the cards are dealt in a much more random order making it harder to predict which ones are coming. This is certainly beneficial to the casino itself. Counting cards in Blackjack becomes virtually impossible with a CSM. In addition, the machine allows the game to be spelled out faster so that’s definitely progress.