Live Casino with Dutch Dealers

Online gambling at live casinos is especially interesting if you choose a casino with a Dutch license. There you’ll find Dutch dealers at your gaming table, which certainly improves the interaction a lot. If you’re looking for a live casino with Dutch dealers, you’ll see that we can help you out on this page.

Gambling at home at a live casino with licensed dealers

The big advantage of a live casino with Dutch croupiers is not only the language barrier that is eliminated. The advantage of gambling at a live casino is that you can do so from home. You don’t have to go to a Holland Casino branch anymore to face a dealer.

Live casino with Dutch dealers

Speak to Dutch dealers via chat

At a live casino with Dutch dealers you can not only listen to what a dealer has to say. Do questions come to mind or do you just want to have a conversation? Then you can use the game chat. If you’re gambling at a live casino with Dutch dealers, you can do so in your own language. Do you have an English-speaking dealer at your table? Then you’ll have to ask questions in English.

At the gaming table itself, the dealer has a screen in front of him. Here he can see what people are saying and give live answers. Of course, this is all in between, as the rules of the game must also be followed correctly.

Game processing in your own language

Especially for those who have never played at a Dutch live casino before, it is wise to gamble with Dutch dealers. These clearly explain everything that happens during the game, so there can be no language barrier. Moreover, this way you can easily get the questions you ask through the chat answered and gambling is a lot easier.

Dutch speaking croupiers
At a live casino you’ll also always find statistics. The dealer’s last hands in blackjack, for example, or the odds of a particular number falling in roulette. Here too, Dutch names are used. That is, if you’re gambling at a Dutch casino.

Professionally trained Dutch croupiers

When you play at a live casino with Dutch dealers, you can of course count on professionally trained staff. They know how the gaming table works, but also what additional factors are involved. For example, they will also know everything about the online casino and you will be able to initiate several conversations.

The fact that these Dutch dealers are professionally trained is by order of the gaming authority. They see to it that everything at a casino is done fairly and thus the live casino must also meet all the requirements. The licenses that are issued to online casinos are valid for both land casinos and live casinos.

Customer support at online casinos

Apart from the English speaking croupiers you’ll find online, land casinos also offer secure customer support. There you can speak to a representative in your own language if you have specific questions. This could be about the online casino’s bonuses, but also about the live casino or one of the other games.

A good thing to know when you’re gambling at a casino is that the customer service can be reached in several ways. The chat can be compared to the live casino but the customer service is also answered via chat. Furthermore, at a Dutch gambling site you can also contact them by email and there is the option to have your questions answered by phone. Finally, casinos usually have a FAQ in English, but only if you are logged in.