Live casino games are the future at online casinos

When you go to a casino you have the choice of numerous games to do there. These can include table games as well as slot machines.

Would you rather stay at home but take a gamble? Then of course an online casino where live games can be played is ideal. Those games are getting more and more lifelike. In 2021, the time will come. You’ll be able to play at a fully legal online casino with a Dutch license.

Live casino games are the future

You play against and with other people and there is also a live dealer present who leads the game live. This way you really get a casino experience and can taste a bit of the casino atmosphere. This is very similar to visiting a real casino. In previous pieces we have highlighted top provider Evolution Gaming.

This company is by far the leader when it comes to live casino games. Now we look at other providers that are doing well.

Playtech and live games

The first live games have been around for a while now, and the number is growing, but until recently they were only table games. Until now, however, Playtech decided to bring a live slot game to the market.

You might be wondering how this works and why you need a croupier. We will try to explain this to you.

NetEnt and live games

Let’s start by noting that Playtech is not the first to try and combine gambling games and live casino. Earlier, NetEnt also came up with a Roulettes game that can be played live online and where the participants in the game could get free game rounds for on the slot machine as a reward.

Gambling games are hugely popular among online gamers so it’s not surprising that developers and casinos are trying to capitalize on them.

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Roulette playing live

If we look at what Playtech does, it also combines the Roulette table with the slot machine. As a player, you can play Roulette and thus have a chance to win free rounds for the game Age of the Gods. Moreover, the Roulette game is linked to a progressive jackpot. This means that it is becoming more and more attractive for players to play live roulette online.

Famous live game is Buffalo Blitz

Playtech has now taken another step forward when it comes to live gambling. They have chosen to offer the popular game Buffalo Blitz as a gambling game as well, but it is led live from a studio by a dealer/croupier.

As a player, you then have a presenter, as it were, who leads the game in the right direction and also makes it a truly social occasion. Because let’s face it: if gambling games are anything but, it’s social. You play them mainly alone and if you do that at home, no one else is involved at all.

More interaction possible so that the game becomes a social affair

Doing a live gambling game like Buffalo Blitz means doing so with more players at once. To create the live element, make sure that via a Live Chat you can have contact with the game master.

This way, the live element is performed and you, the gamer, can just do the original game on the slot machine. This means more interaction with other players and also with the game leader who can, for example, encourage you to continue playing or make use of special bonus rounds.

Check if a live game is right for you

Not everyone will be keen on it happening this way but it is expected that there will be enough enthusiasm for it. The demand for live games is still growing. Do you prefer to play a game on your own? Comfortably at home, without other people? Then a live version is not for you. But especially if you want to make it just a little more social but don’t want to go out for it, a live version of a gambling game can be a great solution.

Make use of the Live Slot Lobby

You can also find other examples of a combination of live games and gambling games. For example, there is also a Live Slot Lobby. In it, you as a player get the opportunity to play on real slot machine. On the left side of the screen you will see a complete row of slot machines and on the right side you will see the slot machine you are playing. This way the experience is very real but you don’t have to go to a real casino to play.

Appealing to younger players

The idea behind the introduction of live slot machine games is to attract more players, especially younger ones. This way it becomes not only fun to watch other people play and gamble but you can actually participate in it yourself, whenever and wherever you want. And the more gamers, the more interesting it becomes for the providers, of course. If this way becomes a great success, undoubtedly more and more games will be offered this way.