Live Casino Bonuses

When we talk about live casino bonuses, we are talking about possibly free money that you can get for gambling against a dealer. By the way, this is not the only thing, as you can also find live casino bonuses that provide free spins for certain slots.

Live casino bonuses aren’t very common

Unfortunately, these bonus types are not common, but they are there. For example, Eskimo Casino has regular live promotions and Dunder Casino also participates fanatically from time to time. What kind of live casino bonuses can you generally expect? Below we will describe a number of bonus types for you.
Play at an online live casinoPlay in an online live casino

Win extra money on a particular number

A common live casino bonus is the opportunity to win extra money. If a promotion is held at the live casino it is at a site for example dedicated to a certain number on roulette. For example, is a casino holding a Lucky Number 7 bonus? Then with a direct bet on 7 you will receive a certain bonus. It could be, for example, that a win will be paid out not 36 times but 38 times or that you will receive €10 extra for this win.

Anyway, when such live casino bonuses are offered take into account the minimum bet. After all, you often need to have played a minimum of €2 or €5 on the number to be able to claim the bonus. other conditions may also apply, so be sure to read them before you participate.

Monopoly blackjack returns regularly

One of the live casino bonuses that we often see recurring at online casinos? That’s the live Monopoly blackjack. When this casino bonus presents itself you can usually be dealt special cards at a Monopoly table for an entire week.

Live Casino with Bonus

For example, do you receive a General Fund or Chance card? Then you will receive a random bonus. Often this is a minimum amount of around €10 per card that you receive and you can get up to €100 bonus for a card. How many bonuses will you receive in total with this promotion? That of course depends entirely on how many Monopoly cards you receive from a dealer.

Spin 20 times on a live slot machine for free spins

Do you want to gamble live and are you also a slots fan? Then live casino bonuses that can earn you free spins are also highly recommended. For example, you’ll often see a live Starburst roulette table at a casino. If you play at least 20 real money rounds at this table during a promotional day? Then you’ll receive 50 free spins to play on the Starburst slot machine.

However, this is often only the case if you also meet a minimum bet per game round. Moreover, Starburst is not the only slot we can mention here as an example. Spinata Grande, When Pigs Fly and Twin Spin slot we have seen several times.

Collect tickets for prizes and even trips

The latest among the live casino bonuses that we see coming back from time to time? That’s the opportunity to win prizes on a lottery basis. By playing a certain number of rounds of live roulette, blackjack or, for example, baccarat, you can collect a ticket. This is possible during a certain period of time, which often comes out to a week. The good thing about this is that this bonus is often cumulative and you can get multiple tickets per day for this lottery. At the end of the period there is a draw, after which the bonus winner is announced.

Live Casino BonusLive Casino Bonus

Sometimes you win thousands of free spins or free money. On the other hand, there are often full-service trips that are given away. In the past, for example, winners have regularly been sent to Las Vegas with a 2-person trip.

Releasing live casino bonuses

For those of you who manage to get a live casino bonus, it is worth noting that you will also have to clear these bonuses. Clearing a casino bonus, as you know, means wagering the bonus amount X number of times. For example, did you receive €50 bonus and you have to wager it 10 times? Then you will end up gambling a total of €500 in order to cash out your bonus.

Clearing a bonus online is harder than you think. Especially if you start playing with large bets after receiving the bonus, it is almost impossible to cash out a live casino bonus later. Did you receive free spins with one of the live casino bonuses? Then these will also be represented as a sum of money. This way you can easily see how much money you need to have played to unlock this live bonus, even for the free spins.

Welcome bonuses almost excluded

Although it’s a bonus you can’t often use for the live casino we want to explain it to you. The welcome bonus. This is something new players get when they sign up for an account and usually only if a deposit is made after registration. When you make your first deposit the casino usually increases it by 100%.

In this way it is possible to receive bonuses of up to several hundred euros. If these are redeemable as a live casino bonus you can find this in the bonus terms of the casino. Is this not the case? Then of course you can still use it to play any other casino game.