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Rules ‘Let it Ride

Let it Ride was briefly a well-known casino game, but has become less well known and popular in recent years. A pity, because the basis of the game stands like a house and there are attractive winnings to be had for players.

The game is broadly based on poker. Here too you can make the standard combinations such as Street, Flush, Pair or Three of a Kind. The only difference is in the number of cards, five instead of seven, and the Pair, which is no longer a standard feature of the game. A pair must have a minimum value of 10, meaning two times 10 or higher, to ensure a win. The payout is also excellent. What are the rules of Let it Ride?

  • Standard card game

    Let it Ride is played with a standard deck of cards and each round one plays with a new deck. The table of Let it Ride is divided with three rounds in front of you and two more rounds opposite. On the three rounds you place an equal bet, because this is also where you get your first three cards.

    Depending on the type of game and where you are, there may be a minimum and maximum bet before the game starts. However, during the course of the game you can still decide whether to keep your bet the same or lower it.

  • Reducing your bet?

    You can indeed do that at Let it Ride Poker. The rules of Let it Ride are such that you first get to see your three personal cards and then have the chance to lower your original bet not once, but twice. We’re going to demonstrate what the rules of Let it Ride look like in practice using a streamlined step-by-step plan, shown below:

    • The player makes three equal bets (for example, 5 euros)
    • The dealer deals three cards, which are immediately visible
    • Then comes the first time you get to choose; are your cards good enough to continue (Let it Ride) or do you want to withdraw one of the three bets?
    • The dealer puts the first public card (4th) face up on the table
    • The player may choose for the second time; is your hand still good enough (Let it Ride) or do you choose to withdraw your second bet of the three?
    • Then the dealer places the second public card (5th) face up on the table
    • The player is paid according to the standards of payout around Poker
    • These are the options for a winning hand: Pair (10 or higher), Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Royal Flush
  • Payout of winnings

    Of course you want to know what you can earn with a nice hand. So be aware that a standard Pair of a 2 to a 9 will not earn you a profit; many players tend to make this mistake. Only a Pair with a minimum value of 10 is enough to win. You don’t have to look at other people or the dealer, only your hand is important. The winnings can vary greatly:

    • Royal Flush 1000
    • Straight flush 200
    • Four of a Kind 50
    • Full house 11
    • Flush 8
    • Straight 5
    • Three of a Kind 3
    • Two pair 2
    • Pair 10 or higher (high card principle) 1
    • A pair under 10 does not count and is a loss.
  • Of course it’s also possible that you didn’t get a combination at all with the five cards you see. A high card does not count as a combination.

  • Royal Flush

  • The Royal Flush payout may vary from casino to casino. In addition to the standard winnings for various combinations, casinos often offer a jackpot for unique combinations (prices vary by casino):

  • Royal flush €20,000
  • Straight flush €2,000
  • Four of a kind €100
  • Full house €75
  • Flush €50
  • Straight €25
  • Three of a kind €9
  • Two pair €6


Let it Ride is one of the youngest variants of Poker. It is an easy game to learn, which you can also easily make a profit from. The originally American Let it Ride, also called Let ’em Ride, was designed by Shuffle Master of SHFL entertainment.

Over the years there have been so many different forms of Poker that you almost can’t see the forest for the trees. Let it Ride is an original form of Poker, where you only get five cards and can also limit your losses if you feel you are going to lose halfway through a round of play. Where can you play Let it Ride?
Let it Ride Game RulesLet it Ride Game Rules

Where can I play Let it Ride?

Let it Ride is American in origin and it won’t surprise you that you’ll find it in countless American casinos. In America it is simply ‘one of the’ Poker versions and many people play it. Casinos where you can play the game include most casinos in Las Vegas, of course also Reno where Let it Ride was first introduced, Indiana and many more.

Unfortunately, the game of poker is virtually unknown in European casinos. You will therefore not encounter it in the Holland Casino, where the more standard forms of Poker are offered, such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha. It is, however, possible to play Let it Ride on demand in casinos.

Important Information

Extra payouts for special combinations

When do you get extra payouts? Obviously, with five cards you have less chance of getting a unique combination than with a seven-handed Poker game. Below you can see schematically how many times you get paid out per five-card combination:

  • Royal Flush 1000
  • Straight flush 200
  • Four of a Kind 50
  • Full House 11
  • Flush 8
  • Straight 5
  • Three of a Kind 3
  • Two Pair 2
  • Pair 10 or higher (high card principle 1
  • Pair below 10 does not count and is a loss

Outside and Inside Straights

Outside and Inside Straights are also interesting. An outside straight means that you have two chances to win the street, for example, when four cards combined give 4, 5, 6 and 7, so you can get either a 3 or 8. An inside straight is the opposite and means that you have, for example, 4, 5, 7 and 8 and therefore need another 6.

House edge

The house edge for casinos is on average 3.51%. However, in some casinos the payout for a Royal Flush is lower, so the house edge can fluctuate between 3.506% to 3.737%. The overall payout percentage for Let it Ride is not known.

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Of course, you’re curious to know if there is a unique strategy at Let it Ride that can increase your chances of winning. This poker game is well suited for special strategies, but of course you never have a 100% chance of winning.

On these three cards you should always play according to the basic strategy

  • All Pairs of 10 or higher
  • Chance of getting a Royal Flush
  • Three cards of the same symbol (e.g. hearts), except 2, 3, 4
  • Odds of a Straight Flush

With four cards on the table, you should always choose ‘Let it Ride’ in the following situations

  • Four cards with the same symbol (four of hearts)
  • Four cards that still have a chance of making a straight flush
  • Any paying hand; Pair (10 or higher), Two Pair or Three of a Kind
  • Four cards that still give chance to a Royal Flush

Play Let it Ride
Play Let it Ride
Let it Ride
Let it Ride
Live in a Casino
Live in a Casino


Let It Ride is a wonderful poker game that occasionally requires you to think backwards. This is because you have 2 chances to take back a portion of your bet. This is an important aspect in this game. Think of it as a kind of damage control. Make use of this and it will have a positive result on the end result of a session.

A fun variant that is definitely worth playing. However, we think that in the long run it is unfavorable to play the bonus. It falls too low to be of any benefit and has a slightly bad RTP. Have fun with Let It Ride.