Let it Ride Strategy

Yet within various casino games there are strategies to be discovered that increase the chances of winning at the bottom line.

Is there a strategy?

In Let it Ride, there is a strategy to discover, but it relies on strategies that are also guaranteed in other games. The thrust of this strategy is; if you have a minimum value on your hand, then you should always opt for ‘Let it Ride’ and not ‘Pull’, i.e. withdraw your bet.
Let It Ride StrategyLet it Ride strategy

What does the strategy look like?

In Let it Ride you get the chance to choose to Pull your bet after seeing your own three cards and after seeing the first public card. Therefore, there is a different strategy for each situation. In Let it Ride there is a strategy for when you see three cards and a strategy for when you see four cards. Below is a brief outline of that strategy, the standard pay table strategy for card games:

Three cards; always choose “Let it Ride” when:

  • Any playable hand (Pair 10+ or Three of a Kind.
  • When you have three cards that can lead to a Royal Flush.
  • Three cards of the same suit (Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds) apart from a 2, 3, 4 hand or A, 2, 3 hand.
  • Three cards that can lead to a straight, with the lowest card having a minimum value of 10.

With four cards; always choose ‘Let it Ride’ when:

  • All playable hands (Pair 10+, Two Pair or Three of a Kind).
  • When you have four cards that can lead to a Royal Flush.
  • Four cards of the same suit (obviously) Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds.
  • Four cards that can still lead to a street, with a minimum value of the lowest card of 10.

Equally important is the outside or inside card for the street. This means that you need one more card to complete the street. The outside card is the best option, as shown by three cards in sequence, such as 6, 7, 8 and 9. In that case you still have a chance of getting two cards on the fifth card, which is the 5 or 10. Even then, the outside card can offer options.

In the same example, you can still hope for a 4 or Jack as the fourth card. If these cards don’t fall, you can always decide to take back part of your bet after the fourth card. Finally, the inside card is a Jack, for example, if you can already see a 9, 10, Queen and King.

New poker variant

Let it Ride is one of the newer games you can play in a casino and also within the Poker segment it is a surprising and competitive form. Let it Ride is a standard five-card stud poker game, in which you, the player, are dealt three cards and must create combinations with the two public cards that appear on the table.

Let it Ride has the unique feature that bets may be withdrawn during the game. Thus, you have the opportunity to withdraw up to 2/3 of your bet in case of a bad hand and minimize your loss. Let it Ride was introduced in 1993 at the casino in Reno and was designed by Shuffle Master.