Legal Casino Bonus

What bonuses are finally offered at a casino and when is it referred to as a legal provider? That’s what we’re going to explain to you in detail on this page. The idea is that you can always safely withdraw bonuses at an online casino and not run any unnecessary risks. Caught in the grass? There are no such things at a legal casino!

When is a casino legal?

In order to understand the principle of a legal casino bonus, we must first explain something. One speaks of a legal casino when it has received the necessary licenses to offer gambling.

For players from the Netherlands, this means that the online casino is licensed by the Dutch government. The gaming authority is in charge of issuing these licenses. They enforce the Distance Gaming Act which becomes active in 2021.
legal online casino bonuslegal online casino bonus

In the field of issuing casino licenses, there are several authorities active worldwide besides the KSA (for the Netherlands). These are some of them:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Belgian Gaming Commission
  • Gaming Authority of Curacao
  • Gambling Commission of Gibraltar

These authorities check casinos on the basis of legal requirements. Only when all requirements are met will an online casino be granted its license. From that moment on one can speak of a legal casino.

Legal casinos with bonuses

Are you looking for a legal casino with bonuses? Then take a look at the table below. It will show you the best casinos at the moment and what kind of bonus you can get. Want to use one of these legal bonuses? Then don’t hesitate and navigate directly to the casino or even neater; read our review about the casino!

Legal casino bonus for new players

In order to receive a casino bonus you will need to create an account to begin with. Registering for an online casino is safe as soon as it has a Dutch license. After registering you can then receive two types of bonuses. A sign up bonus or a welcome bonus.

The sign up bonus is usually free money or a handful of free spins on a slot machine. Are we talking about the welcome bonus? Then the first deposit at a casino is increased by an amount. This is based on a percentage and sometimes up to a few hundred dollars per player. Also, free spins may be given again after a deposit.

More legal online casino bonuses available!

At a legal casino bonuses are not only given out for new players. You can get bonuses at a legal casino even if you use your account more often. What kind of bonuses can these be? We have listed them below.

  • Free spins
  • Reload bonus
  • Cash back bonus
  • VIP bonus
  • Refer a Friend bonus

As you can see, among these bonuses you will not only find free spins in case of promotions. Do you visit a casino more often ? Then thanks to the reload bonus you will often be able to receive additional amounts of money based on an extra deposit. Cash back bonuses are available for players who lose during a certain period of time and a VIP Bonus usually has higher amounts on top of standard bonuses.
Legal CasinoLegal Casino

Why do legal casinos give bonuses?

Many people wonder how it can be that you receive bonuses at an online casino. The answer to this is actually quite simple, it is the biggest advantage that an online casino can offer to people to compete with a land casino. At a land casino you won’t be given hundreds of dollars to gamble with for free. Moreover, getting free spins is out of the question.

By the way, grab a legal casino bonus only after reading the bonus terms. You will receive such a bonus primarily for gambling online and not for requesting a payout right away.

Legal Casino Bonus Requirements

When you accept a casino bonus from a legal casino you know that they have reasonable conditions. The same is true if you grab a bonus at one of the casinos that we have tested and described for you. Clearing casino bonuses online can normally be done by using the amount a bonus represents several times. In case of interim promotions this can be as little as 1x, but it can also happen that a bonus has to be wagered as much as 35x.

If you play at a legal casino you will notice that the amount never has to be wagered more than 40 times. In this case it is always possible to clear a bonus, however crazy that may sound. Are there higher bonus requirements? Then it all becomes much more difficult! So before you start using a legal casino bonus, check out the terms and conditions.