KSA presents annual report and agenda: KOA spearheaded

On Friday, March 20, the Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA for short) published its 2019 annual report. At the same time, it also presented the supervisory agenda for 2020. This agenda shows where the KSA’s priorities lie in the coming period. The Remote Gaming Act must be finished.

René Jansen, the Chairman of the Board calls 2019 a historic year and refers in particular to the long-awaited adjustment and modernization of Dutch gambling policy. This came through the passing of the KOA Act by the Senate in February of 2019. This was very much needed according to Jansen, because the old law dating from 1964 absolutely could no longer suffice in these modern times. Especially since in that law absolutely nothing was included about online gambling, simply because at that time no one had ever heard of the Internet.

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KSA must move with the times

The desire is for the new law to come into effect on January 1, 2021, but the current COVID-19 virus could become a game changer here as well. Many important consultations cannot take place now and will be postponed until further notice. If this continues for a long time, it is not inconceivable that, for the second time, the effective date will be extended by six months.

A shame, says Jansen, because the KSA is in dire need of modernization. Especially in the field of online gambling and addiction prevention. There is a lot to gain and that is what we want to achieve with this law. René Jansen:

‘The ban on online games of chance is almost impossible to enforce. In a regulated market the Ksa is in a much better position to protect the consumer, because gambling providers are under supervision. The fact that consumers benefit from strict, clear requirements in the field of addiction prevention hardly needs further explanation. People experience pleasure from gambling, but gambling is also risky.’

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Duties of the KSA

The 2019 annual report contains all kinds of things about the KOA Act. Also, the legal tasks of the KSA are once again emphasized. These include: protecting consumers; preventing gambling addiction; combating illegality and criminality; and providing education and information.

The report also states that last year no less than 3.5 million euros worth of fines were imposed, all on illegal providers of online gambling. Especially the targeting of the Dutch consumer was used as a basis for infringement.

In 2020 law KOA priority

The proper preparation and installation of the Remote Gaming Act is at the top of the list of priorities in 2020. To keep everything on track, supervision is focused on 3 points:

  • Addiction prevention
  • Preventing illegal supply of games of chance (online and physical) and crime
  • Preventing minors from participating in games of chance

Addiction prevention

The KSA will ensure that new applicants for a license will make extra efforts in the field of addiction prevention. Problematic gaming behavior of players must be properly mapped out. It should be made manageable by the providers and should be recognized. The KSA will also ensure that gambling elements in games will be adapted so that no elements of chance will occur. This is to protect minors.

Restricting the illegal online supply

The KSA will strongly focus on reducing the illegal supply of online casinos. Of course, this is only possible at the casinos that will soon be targeting the Dutch consumer without a license. Since the beginning of 2020 the KSA has also introduced the obligation of visible age verification. The absence of this also gives the KSA the possibility to impose a substantial fine.