James Bond and gambling

True film buffs have often seen most of the James Bond movies. The agent of MI6 is certainly not averse to visiting the casino to gamble, so this phenomenon returns in several films.

Bond also tries his luck at the gaming table against his rivals and does so in several films so that the viewer gets an impression of the atmosphere that is present in the casino and has to do with the special world of glitz and glamour that surrounds it. We have listed six Bond films in which the casino plays an important role.

007 and casinos

You can say a lot about James Bond, but he is always well dressed and always has good manners. At most of his casinos he is also dressed in a tuxedo or some other neat suit, which gives it just that little extra cachet.

Dr. No (1962)

The first film in which James Bond ventures into the casino is Dr. No. Sean Connery plays the role of Bond in this film and immediately shows what keeps him busy besides his activities as a secret agent. He takes a gamble in a fictitious casino in London and plays Chemin de Fer, a variant of Baccarat. Bond tries to beat his opponent Dr. No but you also get to see in the film that he likes to be in the company of beautiful women, drinks his Martini “shaken and not stirred” and is willing to take risks while doing his job, also in the casino.

Thunderball (1965)

The second film in which James Bond can be found in the casino is Thunderball. In this movie, Bond once again takes a seat at the Baccarat table to play Chemin de Fer. The bets do not lie and the hero obviously wants to defeat the villain on all fronts so also at the gambling table in the casino. The movie is not only a must see for the true Bond fan but once again lets you taste the atmosphere in the casino where Sean Connery once again takes on the role of our famous spy.

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Diamonds are Forever (1971)

The next James Bond movie in which the casino plays a role is Diamonds are Forever. The film was released in 1971 and again Connery played the role of the famous MI6 agent. James Bond takes on his archenemy Blofeld in the film and engages in a game of craps with him where the stakes are not exactly low. Craps is a dice game that is played particularly in many casinos in the United States.

Bond appears to be a good player and is not afraid to make a high bet. The scenes in the casino were filmed in Las Vegas in an existing venue, namely the Whyte House casino. In addition, filming took place in the city itself in hotels and casinos so that the film totally captures the atmosphere of the gambling world that exists there.

Goldeneye (1995)

Film number four was released in 1995 under the name Goldeneye. The scenes in the film were shot in the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco so that the illusion is immediately brought to full life when Bond wants to deal his Russian opponent a big blow at the Baccarat table. The lead role in this film is played by Pierce Brosnan. Special Agent Bond is also very active in the casino in this film.

Casino Royale (2006)

In this 2006 Bond film, actor Daniel Craig plays the secret agent. He takes on his opponent Le Chriffe in Casino Royale in Montenegro during a game of Poker where the stakes are certainly not lying and the large sums of money fly by. Bond turns out to be a very skilled player in the version of Poker known as Texas Hold’em. He manages to beat his formidable opponent at the poker table where an exciting game takes place.

Skyfall (2012)

The last Bond movie in which an important scene takes place in the casino is Skyfall from 2012. Also in this film, Daniel Craig plays the role of 007. He ends up in a casino in Macau where gambling culture is also rampant in real life. Filming was also done in Macau itself so that the reel-to-reel movie looks realistic and you feel like you are in the Asian gambling world.

Try your luck following the movie hero

And yes, it’s always a movie and the viewer knows that too, but as a true Bond fan you can imagine yourself in the role of the secret agent and you don’t want to miss anything of his adventures. The adventures of your hero in the casino ensure that the movie gets even more exciting and that you, too, can get a taste of gambling. Just hold back on the bets of course, because your budget is probably a bit lower than that of James Bond. Much lower most likely. The best thing is of course to play the same casino games as 007.