Jackpot at Fomo3D with Bitcoin gambling

Gambling can be very exciting. It can lead to big profits but equally to big losses. Investing in cryptocurrencies is also part of gambling according to some people. Most investors disagree with that.

It is not yet known whether online casinos with a Dutch license will be allowed to accept bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. As it looks now, as of October 2021 it will be. You can start playing completely legally at a Dutch-licensed online casino.

What is the Fomo3D game?

In the game Fomo3D, participants buy so-called ‘keys’ using bitcoins. The game itself lasts for 24 hours and that’s how long you can participate as a player. The last player to make a payment just before the game ends wins all the money in the pot. It is therefore mainly a matter of patience and striking at the right moment. The more keys bought by players, the more there are in the pot and the bigger the profit.

The one who makes the last bid gets the grand prize

When a player makes a purchase, thirty seconds are added to the clock. The price of the keys that can be bought after that will also get higher and higher. This way the amount that can be won gets higher and higher and you as a player can share in the profits but of course the last one will walk away with the biggest profit.

At this casino you can gamble with Bitcoin

Fomo3D Bitcoin Gambling
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Also automated participants

Both real players and automated ones participate in the game, in order to increase the contents of the pot and get people to buy keys. If you look closely at the behavior of the other players and especially that of the automated ones, it is possible to discover a pattern in them so that you can win the game and walk away with the main prize as this anonymous player managed to do. If you then choose the exact moment when there are no other real players then you are the lucky winner.

3 Million for an anonymous winner

The player finally managed to win an amount of 3 million dollars with Fomo3D. A staggering amount. The amount won with this game is apparently hard to beat because up to now no one has managed to surpass this amount. The story itself is also very surprising. The player who managed to win this large amount of money seems to have been smarter than the system on which the game is based. Yet the player did not want to make himself known. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll join in and maybe win an even bigger amount.