Is gambling on the Internet safe?

More and more people are finding their way to the online casino, and at the same time the supply of online casinos is still steadily increasing. Perhaps you have a favorite casino that you’ve been visiting for years or you’re looking for a new online casino.

In any case, the offer is huge, but how do you know if an online casino is really to be trusted? Thanks to the proliferation of online casinos, both known and unknown, the overview is somewhat lost. The best bonuses fly by, but is your money really safe at that online casino? Plenty of questions when you start gambling online. But the most important question is: is gambling on the Internet safe?

Look critically at an online casino

Online casinos will go to great lengths to persuade you to sign up as a player. They even go so far as to offer bonuses of up to $2,000.00 for new players. All well and good, but is this really the online casino you’re looking for?

It’s too bad we don’t have legal online casinos here in the Netherlands (yet), because that would be a great way to better determine whether a casino is reliable or not.

If you really want to gamble safely on the Internet, then it’s better to wait until 2021 because from then on online casinos with a Dutch license will be on the market.

Proper LicensesIf a casino has the proper licenses then playing is safe.

Tips to get you started: check the licenses

Gambling safely on the internet is, fortunately, possible. One of the best ways to provide more security for yourself here is to look at the licenses of the casino. There are a number of major and minor gaming authorities in the world which grant licenses to online casinos if they can prove that they offer a decent game.

If the online casino has at least one, but often more international licenses, then you can be sure that the casino is reliable. This way you can play safely with your own money.

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Read reviews from other players

Online casinos may not be tangible, but fortunately you can often rely on the knowledge and experience of other players. There are plenty of forums where players with as many online casinos can tell you more about the possible reliability of this casino. With new online casinos this is of course more difficult, but you can always choose to play at casinos that have been around for at least two or three years. That way there are already players who have more knowledge than you.

What are the important factors that determine whether a casino can be trusted, or whether you can play here safely? In any case, the financial management of the casino. What payment options are available at the casino and how are the agreements regarding payouts adhered to. For many players it’s the biggest fear; losing money in an online casino that can’t be trusted.

What about customer service?
Another factor that ensures you can trust an online casino is its customer service. A benevolent casino will always put customer service first. If you have a question or something is not working out around payments, you want to be able to rely on the casino to provide adequate customer service. For example, take a look at the live chat function, email service or a phone number to call the online casino directly.

Is all this present and do you get immediate answers to important questions? Then this is a sign that the online casino takes you seriously. At the same time, it is a sign for you that you can gamble at this online casino in a safe way.

Visit comparison pages

Why make your own decisions about where to gamble next, when you can simply base your choice on the opinion of professionals? Most comparison sites have already gone through all the processes: from creating an account, to activating a bonus, to cashing out winnings, to using customer service. All in all, they may be the best people to tell you whether you should or should not gamble somewhere.

Gambling safely on the internet is absolutely possible as long as you choose a casino with an official Dutch license. With so much on offer, it’s important to do your own thorough research on reliability. Take the steps mentioned above and make sure you end up at a reliable casino that is also well known to professionals and other players. Fortunately, 99% of online casinos can be trusted.