In the casino, everyone gets exactly what they deserve, right?

You’ve probably heard someone say that something happened to them that they didn’t deserve. Maybe you’ve also had a moment where you asked yourself out loud “Why does this have to happen to me again? And then attached to that the thought “I don’t deserve this”.

Often this happens to you at times when you think that life is not always fair. However, you can also look at this in a completely different way. Thinking that something happens to you that you haven’t earned usually happens when something unpleasant happens to you. For example, a poker player who bets everything on his good hand. But he is defeated by the last card by another player. He will no doubt wonder aloud what he owes that unfair outcome to.

Reality versus expectations

But what if you win a huge amount of money on a slot machine or indeed, hit the jackpot. Do we ask ourselves why this has to happen to us now? In such cases we feel blessed and rarely have I heard someone say that they don’t actually deserve such luck.

It is not easy to suppress the thought that you did or did not deserve something. But you can do something about the number of situations in which such thoughts come up. One of the great things about playing for real money in a casino is that you always get what you deserve. This applies to both the good and the bad things.

As you read on you will learn more about how you always get what you earn when playing at an online casino. But also how you can take advantage of it.

What you earn is directly related to your expectations

Gambling, in any form, is based on mathematics and formulas. Some are very simple, others a lot more complicated to understand. You don’t have to have a math knack to see them all through. But it is very helpful if you know at least some of the basics.

Every game you can play in the casino has a house edge. This house edge can come about in various ways. The most important thing is to understand that every game is developed to make money for the casino. From that you can immediately draw the conclusion that the players end up losing that money!

Casino games have a house edge of a certain percentage on every euro spent on the game. Pokerooms take a certain percentage from each pot. In sports betting, a percentage of the proceeds is set aside for the organizer of the bet, the bookmaker.

Know the house edge of the games

Those who know the house edge of a particular casino game can adjust their expectations accordingly. With some games you can apply certain game strategies and thus increase your chances of winning. In other games this is difficult or even impossible. In slots, you can’t influence the house edge, but in video poker, for example, by using a certain game strategy, you can.

In poker you play against other players and the casino earns money by skimming some of the winnings from each pot. So there is no standard house edge. To win more than you lose in poker, it’s simply a matter of being better than most of the players you play against, so that at the end of the day you end up with more than you bet.

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Stay realistic

Here’s an example of how to keep your profit expectations realistic.

You play the roulette and place an amount of €50 on black per hour. The house edge on this bet is 5.26%.

In this way, we can go down every game in a casino and determine the house edge each time. Then you can ask yourself why people play in the casino at all. After all, every bet you make has a house edge. The answer is, that many people either don’t have enough knowledge about this huge house edge. But also, some people just don’t care.

But, don’t decide now to never play in a casino again. There is also a good side to this story. It is possible to play in a casino with realistic and positive thoughts, and to win something in the end.

Gambling with the right expectations

To win at the casino, you have to learn to play with the house edge in mind. There are quite a few ways to achieve this. One way is to find out how to use a strategy for a particular casino game. With this strategy you reduce the house edge.

In many games this will not be possible because they are designed to prevent this. In other games, however, this is quite possible, for example in blackjack.

For example, you can use card counting as a strategy in blackjack to reduce the house edge. This may seem like an impossible task. But some players, with much practice and persistence, will be able to learn this.

There are also a small number of video poker games where it is possible to apply a strategy that reduces the house edge. The prerequisite is that there is a proper paytable associated with the game. Also, a proper strategy is required.

There are also games where the house advantage is different. Here winning with the right strategy is quite possible. Poker or betting on sporting events are good examples where this applies.