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Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023

Since 1999, Casino Technology has been active as a manufacturer of exciting games! And the name says it all, because for almost 20 years the company has been constantly bringing new, exciting productions to the market. From multigames to slot machines and multiplayer games, Casino Technology has everything in store to guarantee every player exciting gaming hours.

How is the manufacturer Casino Technology structured?

If you have been a manufacturer on the gambling market for almost two decades, you have already done a lot right. And Casino Technology always puts itself in a brilliant position, regularly releasing innovative concepts.

This includes, for example, the slot machine Arch, which is counted among the premium machines. It has an unprecedented Curved Display HD Technology, which gives players the feeling that the game seems to curve around them, similar to 3-D effects. The machine even won an award in 2015!

Another innovation is the specially developed “The Big 5” infrastructure. This is basically about offering the best control and management systems for online and offline casinos. Casino Technology fully relies on the power of its own many years of expertise.

The latest revolutionary invention is the Combo Concept, a machine that allows you to play both offline and online games simultaneously. This groundbreaking technology, patented by Casino Technology, features multiple displays to showcase the games.

Experience the ultimate Casino Technology arcades

What games does Casino Technology offer?

As already mentioned, Casino Technology is known both offline and online as a manufacturer of slot machines and co. For this reason, the product range is also so immense. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, we will only look at the online games that Casino Technology offers.

Casino Technology has already launched far more than 500 games, some of which make incredibly high winnings possible. The slot machines are extremely pronounced, but there are also four bingo games to be found. In addition, the provider still carries a variety of HD games!

What else does the provider Casino Technology have to offer?

The list of innovations is long, and the list of awards is even longer! For example, the founder of Casino Technology was awarded the Gambling Visionary Award in 2016.

Furthermore, Casino Technology also acts as a supporter in social areas and is also committed to the environment. It is important for the company’s management team to do more than just develop. Visions, ideas, social structure and responsibility are elementary points in the agenda.

In terms of seriousness, the provider is of course of the very highest quality and holds the GLI license. Behind this are the Gaming Laboratories International, which set standards in licensing through industry standards. For more than 25 years, GLI has been committed to maintaining clean and fair conditions in the eGaming sector. Thus, a license from this authority is extremely valuable and creates absolute trust!

Author Lucas Costa