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Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023

The name Atari doesn’t just make the eyes of real gaming nerds moist! The cult manufacturer now also offers its classics as video slots. This is made possible by a cooperation with the British provider Pariplay. It can’t get any better than this – Atari Games are the most powerful things in the history of video games. That’s why it’s worth taking a closer look at Atari’s history and what gamers can expect from these classy adaptations.

Who or what is Atari?

Some people may simply not know Atari or may not know about it anymore. Those who fall into the latter category can call me a grandpa. Because, in fact, anyone who has ever owned at least one game console in their life also knows about Atari.

Originally founded in 1972, Atari was, back then, known as a consumer electronics company. A wonderful term, isn’t it? Based in the USA, all the necessary foundations were in place for Atari to grow into a serious company, alongside other major American development creatives such as Apple and Microsoft.

In 1984, shortly after the collapse of the American video game industry, Atari was divided into consumer electronics and arcade gaming divisions by its new owner, Warner. After a few more changes in ownership, Atari is now a part of the French conglomerate Infogrames, which has changed its name to Atari SA.

What sounds like a list of unnecessary info is actually stone cold nerdcore! Atari is a cult classic that has managed to withstand the test of time in gaming history. It’s even more exciting that nowadays Atari adaptations can also be found in the online gaming sector, including casinos and more. Anyone who plays an Atari game will immediately understand why the excitement for these games remains strong.

Which Atari games are available?

Asteroids, Star Raider, and many more! If that doesn’t mean anything to you, you’ve never had fun in your life. Once again, it’s a nerdy statement, but I can’t help it when it comes to Atari. Pariplay, in collaboration with Atari, continues to bring new classics from video game history to the market. Here, we will briefly describe two of the most famous Atari games, so you know what to expect.

Asteroids The game Asteroids, developed in 1979, was the first video game to venture into space. Therefore, its video slot conversion should have a graphically retro look. And it has succeeded convincingly! In this HD experience, you will directly deal with the familiar spaceships and laser weapons that you still remember from the old days. A whopping 720 paylines are ready to make big winnings possible.

Star Raider Here, too, Pariplay has wonderfully implemented the flair of the 8-bit classic from Atari. Flying saucers and sci-fi flair are simply amazing, just like the somewhat bolder, because modern implementation in terms of graphics. There are also an incredible number of winning ways to choose from in this slot, exactly 243! With hidden wild items, you increase your winnings and get closer to the goal of eliminating Cylon space gliders with the photon weapons.

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What licenses does Atari hold?

Through its collaboration with Pariplay, Atari benefits from the licenses held by its partner. Pariplay is based in the Isle of Man and holds a license from the UK Gaming Commission. Additionally, Pariplay holds a license from Gibraltar.

To further strengthen its credibility, Atari is also in a business partnership with Majesco Entertainment Company through its partnership with Pariplay. Majesco holds 50% of Pariplay’s shares, is incorporated in New Jersey, and is also listed on the American stock exchange.

Author Lucas Costa