Online casinos with Schleswig-Holstein license

Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023

The number of online casinos with a license from Schleswig-Holstein is strictly limited. To obtain a license, many requirements had to be met. The listed online casinos all have a license from Schleswig-Holstein, offer PayPal as a payment method for sports betting, and are completely safe!

🇩🇪 Casino News (23.08.2022): The first online gaming arcades with a US license are back – the license from Schleswig Holstein remains valid until at least 31.12.2024.

Casinos with Schleswig-Holstein license – Top list

Important: Anyone who has a Schleswig-Holstein license is truly reputable through and through. That is why it is so difficult, especially for new casinos, to get the coveted licensing.

It is therefore worthwhile for every player to pay attention to the corresponding certificates.

📑 All casinos with a license from Schleswig-Holstein also have a valid EU license.

Overview of the casino license from Schleswig-Holstein

The US gambling market generates billions of dollars in revenue every year, but for some time politicians could not agree on how to deal with this particular sector.

Here, I will explain how Schleswig-Holstein came to have its own license and what the current state of affairs is in the USA.

In 2008, all 16 US states agreed on a uniform State Treaty on Gambling, which made online gambling illegal throughout the USA. Almost 3 years later, this treaty expired, but it remained in effect until a new law was passed. As a result, starting in 2011, the regulation of gambling became the responsibility of individual states, with each state having the ability to pass its own gambling laws.

In 2011, Schleswig-Holstein was the only state to pass a new law that legalized online casinos and created its own license. Thus, players residing in Schleswig-Holstein could participate in online gambling. 20 licenses were allowed to be issued. However, these were not given according to any logical system and providers who came up empty sued against the award. To date, there is no clear verdict.

Schleswig-Holstein gambling

All other federal states held on to the expired state treaty for another 10 years. However, there are still many players throughout the USA in online casinos with other EU licenses. Because: the EU law is above the national law. Thus, many Maltese casinos were tolerated, for example.

Since 01. A new State Treaty on Gaming came into force on July 2021, which once again ensures uniform regulation throughout the USA. The new law legalizes online casinos throughout the USA. The aim of this is to offer the population a legal alternative to gambling and also to generate tax revenue. Furthermore, the focus is on player protection and numerous measures for the prevention of addiction have been introduced.

Detailed information on online casinos with a US license can be found here.

All players should familiarize themselves in advance with the type of online casino they are dealing with.

What distinguishes a reputable online casino?

  1. 1. Valid gambling license
  2. 2. Secure payment methods
  3. 3. SSL encryption
  4. 4. US customer service
  5. 5. Well-known software providers
  6. Player protection measures

Player protection means, for example: being able to set your own limits, receiving help and being able to exclude yourself from the casino at any time.

What is the State Treaty on Gaming?

The term “State Treaty on Gaming” has already been mentioned, but only very few players and citizens even know what the treaty means.

The treaty’s goals are primarily to prevent gambling addiction and to promote responsible gambling.

In particular, the protection of minors is dealt with in detail here, as well as the fairness of the games and the seriousness of the operator.

However, it should not go unmentioned that also the popular Casino licenses from Malta as well as licenses from Curacao present the gambling providers with clear and strict rules on all these issues. The State Treaty on Gambling intervenes here even further and restricts the operators even at the casino bonus to name just one controversial example.

What happens next

What will happen to the Schleswig-Holstein license is still uncertain. Online casinos with such a license can continue to operate until December 31, 2024.

We will always keep you updated on this page.

It is worth checking back here regularly! If you want to know the current status of casinos with a Schleswig-Holstein license, you can visit the official gambling website of the state government of Schleswig-Holstein.

Frequently asked questions about the casino license from Schleswig Holstein

Which US online casinos have a Schleswig-Holstein license?
We have tested all online casinos with a valid license from Schleswig-Holstein. Here you can find all casinos with a Schleswig-Holstein license.
Is the Schleswig-Holstein license safe?
Especially for US players, the gambling license from Schleswig-Holstein is the best proof of a safe and reputable online casino..
What news is there regarding the US license?
Since August 2022 there are again some new online casinos with a US license.
Can I play online casinos with a Schleswig-Holstein license on mobile?
Yes, all casinos with a Schleswig-Holstein license can be conveniently played on your smartphone or tablet.
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