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Lucas Costa
September 17, 2023

Aborigines, didgeridoo, kangaroo! When it comes to Australia, people think of at least as many classic clichés as they do with the USA. However, not everyone may know that Australians also have a thriving software industry, which has been going strong for a long time. One of the most exciting companies in this field is Eyecon. With over twenty years of existence, they consistently impress with their innovative gaming ideas!

Which games does Eyecon have in its portfolio?

Eyecon has already developed more than 55 games. Unfortunately, the graphical quality is not up to par with many other developers on the market. For instance, while 3-D effects are occasionally used, they are not as impressive as those from other developers.

Despite this, Eyecon has come up with clever game ideas, featuring a wide range of themes for their slots and even developing gender-specific machines. For example, players can enjoy a vibrant unicorn spectacle in Unicorn Bliss, while treasure hunters can have fun at Temple of Isis.

Additionally, Eyecon also focuses on creating slot machine games for mobile devices. Popular slots like Frooty Licious, White Wizard, and Autumn Gold are available for both iOS and Android devices.

Basically, Eyecon is not the latest thing in terms of design, but it offers many varied slot themes. If you click through the different games, you will always find new approaches that encourage you to play for a while. Variety is definitely guaranteed!

The best Eyecon casinos

How is Eyecon structured?

When Eyecon was founded in 1997, probably none of the founders had in mind that the company would eventually move towards gaming. The first big hit was a first person shooter called Gore which immediately became very popular!

But Eyecon saw the potential for profit in the slot machine industry and therefore developed its own online casino system two years later, along with its first online gaming solutions. The initial slot machine was the previously mentioned Temple of Isis Game, which was launched in 2003. The most successful slot game to date is Fluffy Favourites, which was released in 2006.

After being founded in Australia, the company relocated its headquarters to the Channel Island of Alderney in 2015. From there, the majority of development decisions are made and customer data is secured.

By the way, in order to stay competitive, Eyecon entered into a partnership with its British counterpart Electracade back in 2011. This allows Eyecon to offer all games developed by Electracade to customers who choose the online casino solution Maroon of the Australian provider.

Author Lucas Costa