How to handle my money at Blackjack

Throwing money away can be done anywhere and at an online casino it is very easy. So before you start playing, make sure you read up on blackjack and build up a bankroll while you’re learning. The money you play with should be disposable and not just for groceries. Make no mistake there really are many gamblers who do this. In order to keep making the right decisions, you shouldn’t be afraid of losing, because in addition to the good times, there will definitely be bad times. The trick in blackjack is to gain a slight advantage over the bank in the long run, which will eventually put you in profit.

Bankroll management in blackjack

Good money management is an important aspect in blackjack because it allows you to minimize your losses and optimize your profits. Also, when you start counting cards, the advantage over the bank is very small, so it can happen that you first enter the loss before you start winning. So you have to be able to take the blows down. At the online casinos there is the advantage that you can play with small stakes so your bankroll does not have to be as big.

Make arrangements with yourself

If you start playing and immediately make a big profit, then of course you immediately have a large bankroll and it is important to keep the agreements you made with yourself. Even if you lose in the beginning, you have to stick to the rules. Some players are so fed up with losing that they want to earn it all back in one fell swoop. If you’re like that, don’t start playing blackjack.

If you have learned how to count correctly and you know when to bet what, then you need as bankroll 50 times the amount of the maximum bet you are going to make. Your minimum bet is one, then with a good count the bet can go up to 10. 50×10 is 500 and that 500 is the amount you need to cover the negative series. If you play with 0.10 as a minimum and 1 euro as a maximum you can already start with €50. In a typical casino where the minimum bet is $10 and the maximum bet is $100, you’ll need $5,000 in starting capital. If you don’t know the rules of counting or don’t have the starting capital, don’t start because betting at bad times or not having enough money to cover the negative series will surely go wrong.

Don’t get rich

Even with card counting in blackjack, the money is not flowing in. Per hour you can earn on average 4X the minimum bet. At the starting capital of €5000 you can therefore earn an average of €40 per hour and then you have to play the game optimally. With a minimum bet of 0.10 cents, the earnings are also only an average of 0.40 cents per hour. Despite these low prospects of playing blackjack, it is better than betting at random, because winning a little is always better than losing.