How much does a waitress in a casino actually earn?

Does a job in the casino appeal to you? Keep in mind that you can earn quite a bit on a yearly basis but that the conditions are not always favorable and that you work long hours and often have to work odd hours.

There are many different positions in the casino in which you can work so there is certainly choice. Today we take a closer look at the waitresses and the waiters.

Every job has its pros and cons

Do not think that working in the casino is a drama because it really is not. There are also many nice sides to the work and that goes for many professions. There’s always something you don’t like as much but that doesn’t always outweigh the fun aspects of a job.

Tips make the work attractive

For many positions in the casino, they are at a low level in terms of salary but you can work your way up. Often you don’t even need experience because most casinos train their staff internally so you can learn everything there. Most people can make a living out of their job at the casino, so you don’t have to rely on that. And don’t forget the tips, because that’s where the fun starts.

Income can vary

How much you get paid at the casino can vary. This varies by country (often even by region) but also by casino. Most casinos pay the minimum wage, whether the establishment is large or small. This is because they assume that you will receive enough tips to make ends meet.

The better the service, the more tips will be given and if there are a lot of players, the staff will also get more. The number of guests really does play an important role in the tips you get. If they are often the same but not so many, you can still bring in quite a bit because you can give them good service and they get to know you better.

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The better the service, the higher the earnings

Do you now work as a waitress or waiter in the casino? Then paying for or getting free drinks also plays a role. When people get more free drinks, they drink more and often stay longer. The philosophy of the casinos behind that is when people stay in longer they stay in longer playing the casino games. And that’s where the profit is.

This also means more tips for you. Plus, they’ll soon be more generous then because after all, the drinks don’t cost them anything. In many casinos, the drinks are paid for by the customer but this can be unfavorable for you as the person who serves them because you get less tips or fewer orders.

Lots to do in the hospitality industry

Working in hospitality is not always easy. It can even be really tough. You walk and stand a lot, work at odd hours and rarely sit down. As a waiter or waitress you walk from pillar to post, take orders, bring them to the players, clean up and tidy up in the meantime. And that’s not all, you’re busy at work. You have quite a bit to do and not everyone is always patient, no matter how hard you try.

When things are going well, you see this reflected in the income

Is everything going smoothly? Are you forgetting nothing and not dropping anything, is everything in perfect order and are the customers and your boss satisfied? Then you’re doing well and you can count on more tips. In this job you will usually not be paid more than the minimum wage but with the necessary tips it will certainly be fine and you will make ends meet.

Sometimes it will be more than other times but normally the income is good, as long as you do your job properly. Don’t forget to have fun, too. Working with a smile also does wonders for the tips.

Not everyone earns the same amount

Keep in mind that you do not earn the same amount every day or evening and that the income can therefore vary. In many casinos it is customary for the waitresses and waiters to share their tips with the people behind the bar. This makes sense since they work just as hard for it. Moreover, not everyone earns the same amount of tips; this can vary from person to person.

Working your way up is possible

You can also work your way up in this position. There are places in the casino where the workload is less and where you can still expect tips. If you’re allowed to serve at tables where the stakes are high, the chances of getting a big tip are also greater. For those players, a euro more or less often makes little difference.

Customer friendliness is extremely important

Contact with the players is important. You don’t have to comfort them when they lose but a little friendliness can’t hurt. You work for the customers but also together with your colleagues and customer friendliness is very important. The work is not light but if you enjoy doing it, you will radiate this. This will be seen and appreciated by the customers and will earn you more during the work.