How do I find the best online casinos?

No wonder more and more online casinos are springing up; nowadays you can choose from hundreds of online casinos and gamble on all your favorite games. With all the choice you have, it’s hard to decide where to play.

More choice is never wrong, but how reliable and good online casinos are is hard to determine. Where can you find the best places to play at online casinos? And what can you look for when making a choice?

Reviews by other players

If you find it difficult to determine if an online casino is reliable, there is a solution. Online there are countless reviews about online casinos; both by experts and real players. And admit it, what’s easier to gauge the reliability of an online casino than by seeing what experts say? However, basing your opinion on the opinions of previous players about an online casino also has disadvantages. This is because reviews about online casinos tend to be predominantly negative.

Many people only write a review when they have had a bad experience and less so when they are satisfied. Within reviews it will therefore frequently be about payouts, customer service and navigation on the website. You can use reviews as a useful tool, but it is wise not to judge your opinion on this alone.

Varied offerings

Much more important is to look at the offer of an online casino. Are all the games you’re looking for present? Can you use the regular online tables as well as the live casino tables? And what about the betting options on these games? Online casinos are constantly looking to create a good offer for every type of casino player.

Choosing an online casinoChoose online casino

Top Online Casinos

Online casino games often have a whole range of software providers, with each provider having its own unique range of games. Are you a true NetEnt player or are you someone who likes to play PlayTech games? Maybe even both? Then see if the online casino you want to choose can provide this varied selection.

Accessibility and navigation

As a real gambler you obviously want to play at an online casino where you can play whenever you want. The online casino of your choice should therefore have a wide accessibility; not only through your desk or laptop, but for example also through a handy mobile app. According to recent research, the number of users of such a mobile casino app has increased enormously and people nowadays play almost more often on their mobile than on a computer. Doesn’t the online casino have a mobile app? Then see what the casino’s performance is in the browser.

Once you arrive at your online casino’s website, it is important that you can easily find everything you come for. Can you quickly log in or stay logged in? Where can payments be made and where are all the games you want to play. For example, if you have one game you always come for, then it’s nice to reach that game within a few clicks. Speed, ease of use and navigation of an online casino very important.

Live casino and dealers

A huge advancement in the experience of online casinos is the introduction of the live casino. Here, through various cameras, you can sit live at a real table, chat with the dealer and follow the progress of the game closely. The live casino has also greatly improved the reliability that online casinos want to emanate. Want to live the live casino experience? Good news! Virtually every online casino can offer this nowadays. However, it is important to check how wide the range of live casino offers is at your chosen online casino.


Last but not least it’s of course important to look for the best casino bonuses. The best known bonus that an online casino can offer is the welcome bonus. This bonus for new players allows you to start gambling with a nice “free” amount.

Online casinos compete with each other on the amount and conditions of the welcome bonus; at some casinos you can get ‘just’ a $20 welcome bonus, while at others you’ll get an offer of up to $500. Important conditions to take into account with these bonuses are the wagering requirements such as the wagering period, the number of times you can wager and the games you can bet on. In addition to the welcome bonus, you can also check what online casinos do for you as a loyal player, such as periodic promotions and bonuses.

Test multiple casinos

Every casino player has preferences, of course. Do you really want to know which casino is best for you? Then you can simply test several casinos on the above points. As time goes by you’ll see for yourself where your preferences lie and which casino offers what you’re looking for.

Please note that you need to choose a casino that is licensed in the Netherlands.