Hotel-casinos in Las Vegas, more than just gambling

Does a trip to Las Vegas seem like fun but you don’t want to just gamble, should you go? Are all those hotels big gambling houses or is there more to do? Do you think you can really only go there to gamble and there is nothing else to do?

Let us help you out of your dream because over the years casinos have also changed their policy and have become centers where you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment and a fully catered day or evening out. So what else is there to do at the casino you may ask?

Most hotels have great restaurants

For starters, most casinos also offer fine dining. In the majority of casinos you will find several restaurants where you can go and where an extensive international cuisine is offered. Not only do you get to choose where to eat but also what to eat. To make your day out completely complete it is best to eat at the casino.
The most amazing shows are on display in Las Vegas
The most amazing shows are in Las Vegas

All-round entertainment in the casino

Be that as it may, a casino is nowadays clearly more than just a place where you can gamble. If you want to go just for that then of course that is also possible but there is so much more to do and experience. Today’s casinos offer all-round entertainment including performances by famous artists or special and sensational shows. Especially in Las Vegas world famous artists sometimes perform daily so you often have the opportunity to visit a show or performance.

Check out the art

If you’re an art lover you can also indulge in most casinos. The casinos usually have quite extravagant and luxurious interiors where no expense has been spared to give the visitors a good impression and to lure them inside. In all halls, corridors and rooms you will find numerous works of art such as paintings, sculptures and other objects that are well worth seeing, especially if you like art.

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Visit the stores

In the casino you will usually find several stores as well. If you have won a nice amount of money, you can buy something nice for it, but you can always spoil yourself. You will find stores selling clothes and shoes but also stores from renowned designers. And do not forget to visit one of the smaller stores where you can buy souvenirs to take home with you.

Choose a hotel with a pool

A large casino sometimes has an associated hotel, especially in the ultimate gambling city Las Vegas. And at those hotels you’ll often find (indoor or outdoor) swimming pools to take a refreshing dip and cool off or enjoy the sunshine.

Las Vegas is known for the fact that the temperatures can sometimes soar so a swimming pool is definitely worth a visit.

Visit a bar or nightclub

If you are a nightlife type, but you also find a bar or nightclub worth visiting in addition to the casino, then look for a casino in which or where these are located. Then find a casino in or near which they are located. Many casinos have bars to attract customers with a drink before they gamble and after gambling a drink before going home or to a hotel is always nice to do.

Cheer on other players or follow sporting events on screen

Finally, it’s always fun to cheer on other players at the casino. Not much of a gambler yourself, but just a little sociable? Then cheering on others and seeing how they do is certainly exciting and works positively for the players when they see that there are enthusiastic spectators. In addition, in many casinos you can sit down in a special area or corner where there are screens on which you can watch sports games and, if you wish, place a bet in the sport of your choice right away.

See which casino appeals to you the most

Are you just going to the casino to place a bet? Then take a good look at what’s on offer at the casino you want to go to. This way you’ll know what games are being played and if there’s something in there you’d like to try. This way you can prepare yourself for the game you want to play and increase your chances of winning. And well, don’t win anything? Then you still had a nice trip into a world full of glitz and glamour.