History of Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud was already played in the 18th century and from the Caribbean island and was transferred by the French to other areas such as North America. However, it was given a different name, namely “poque”. It became an instant success in other countries as well, so it began expanding to other countries and can now be played in both online and offline casinos.

Caribbean Stud Poker had several names

The Caribbean Stud was called “poque” but because the Americans had trouble pronouncing this French name, it was soon renamed. Then it was called Poker and in other countries it has even had other names. For example, it was called Brag in English, Pochen in German and Poque still in French. Because at that time bluffing was very popular it was called “pochen”. This also means bluffing.
History of Caribbean Stud PokerHistory of Caribbean Stud Poker
Eventually, Caribbean Stud poker was so popular that around 1845 it was adapted to be played with 52 cards.

While mainly men played this game, women eventually started to play it as well. So in a very short time this card game was also played in various countries and eventually took over the whole world. All over the world you can play this game, just like roulette, for example.

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History movies and books

Because Caribbean Stud Poker often appeared in books or movies as images or in pictures, the game became even more popular. This was also the case in the movies about the Wild West, where cheating was common and often ended in shootouts. There was a lot of cheating in those days because everyone was eager to win the big pot of banknotes and coins in the middle of the table.

It wasn’t until later in the 18th century that Caribbean Stud was introduced to Europe. The then American ambassador named Robert C. Schenk brought it to France, where Queen Victoria was in power at the time. All the staff members also came into contact with this game, which made it even more famous.