Classic in film and ending

Highlander is a true classic within the film world, especially for the time in which this film ran, so in the mid-80s of the last century. In that period this unique film caused a lot of public interest and a new era in the film world, where suddenly everything was possible.

Highlander as a video slot follows this same uniqueness of the movie, where you can be in two different places within one game; The Scottish Highlands and New York, just like in the movie so. The dark and stunning backgrounds of the video slot will truly transport you into the atmosphere of the film and the slot.

The basis of this slot

In practice the video slot Highlander is not difficult to understand. Although the symbols of course differ from other video slots, the gameplay is more or less the same. The A, K, Q, J and 10 are included, as well as the main characters from the movie.

The theme music from the movie is also included and the two different characters (Scotland and New York) makes the video slot Highlander an attractive game. Add to that the fact that with Highlander you have an excellent number of 243 winning chances and you are all set to play this video slot. With enough variety, you have a chance to win as much as 3,416 times your stake. It’s an impressive slot with its own cult image.

Play online for free

Highlander is an online slot that can be played by anyone. It’s just useful to know in advance how you can activate bonuses and which symbols have the most value. Microgaming is based in Malta and from there they try to introduce as many new players as possible to Highlander as a video slot. That’s why, as a novice player, you can get acquainted for free. That way you can learn which symbols will get you the most and how much you can bet on the video slot.

If you are going to play for real money you can often receive a no deposit free spins bonus at an online casino.

Playing for money

At an online casino you can also play this game for real money. What about the amounts you typically wager on Highlander, for example per spin or per full gameplay. The entry conditions for Highlander are very favorable, because the minimum bet per spin is only 0.40 euros. Per spin, you can bet a maximum of 30 euros.

The game has a maximum payout of 3,416 times your bet. Highlander also has a jackpot of 1,500 coins and this is not a progressive jackpot, which means that the maximum jackpot of 1,500 coins always remains fixed at that number.

The chances of winning

Each symbol in Highlander naturally has its own winning chances. As usual, the standard game cards from 10 to Ace have a lower payout. If you spin a payline with 3, 4 or 5 of the same game card symbols, you can win an extra fraction of your bet. If you spin the characters from Highlander, then you already have a chance at higher winnings.

With three of the same characters, this is still not that high. But with 4 or 5 times the same character, your winnings can be as high as 12.5 times your bet. In addition, you have the Wild and Scatter symbols, with which you can trigger a bonus round. In this bonus round you can win back 1, 10 or 100 times your bet, depending on the number of additional special symbols during the round of free spins.

Ideal for movie lovers

Highlander is an ideal video slot for someone who loves watching movies and preferably is also familiar with the movie Highlander. Only by watching the movie Highlander can you relive the real atmosphere of the movie, but then also convert it into nice winnings.

Microgaming is a provider that specializes in offering video slots with the movie theme. Follow the unique symbols of Highlander and activate the extra bonus rounds and higher winnings in the traditional way.

The best feature in Highlander

Microgaming has once again brought an excellent product to the market with the Highlander video slot, which more than lives up to expectations. The free spins bonus round is without a doubt the best feature in Highlander, in which you can grab several big wins, even up to 3,416 times your stake. Finally, the symbols and design of Highlander deserve a compliment, as they are impressively designed. The only downside is that the film’s original soundtrack is little to nonexistent, so true fans of Highlander will still miss something.

Special Feature

If you have a good spin, you can even see original clips from a movie or hear the music from the movie. Microgamging specializes in releasing slots with a movie theme, where you can enjoy impressive design, lots of variety and above all lots of chances to win. Here we are going to talk about video slot Highlander.

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