High Streak Blackjack

High Streak Blackjack goes by the regular rules of Blackjack . Players can also play the High Streak sidebet, which allows them to win big in addition to the original bet.

Rules of High Streak Blackjack

  • In this game, two decks of cards are played, which are reshuffled after each round.
  • On a point total of both hard and soft seventeen, the dealer must pass.
  • The dealer is dealt one open and one closed card, and does not cheat for a blackjack.
  • Splitting is allowed a maximum of one time, and aces may also be split. On a split ace, a ten does not count as blackjack but as 21 points. Cards can only be split if they are the same, not if only the values are the same. For example, a ten and a jack may not be split, but two tens or two jacks may.
  • A hard eight, nine, or ten may be doubled. But not with an ace and an eight, because this amounts to a soft nine.
  • Finally, one must pass when eleven cards have been dealt.

High Strokes BlackjackHigh streak blackjack

High streak sidebet

This sidebet is the main game rule why this game is so popular.

  • The High Streak sidebet allows you to place an extra bet on the chance of winning several rounds in a row. This sidebet can be wagered every round, but only after the original bet for the round has been put in.
  • The second consecutive win after the round in which the sidebet was first placed is the first in the winning sequence.
  • You may choose after each round whether you want the sidebet to continue, or stop. You can receive the winnings at that time. In fact, as soon as you lose a round, you also lose the sidebet, and the winnings from any winning series you had already started.
  • After a loss, you have to bet the sidebet again and start winning several times in a row.
  • In case of a draw you get your side bet back. You have to bet again on the side bet the next round and start winning again. The longer you win in a row, the higher the payout. But also the chance of losing a round and losing your winning streak as well, along with your side bet goes up.

    Sidebet payouts

    After the first winning round in which you have placed the sidebet you can start a winning series. On the second winning round your bet is doubled, and on the third winning round the bet is doubled twice. If you win four times in a row your bet is doubled five times, and on the fifth winning round your bet is doubled as much as ten times.

    For example, after six winning rounds, you can win back ten times your original sidebet bet, plus your stake for each round won. This chance of high winnings makes High Streak Blackjack a popular variant of the traditional card game.

    Differences in strategy

    In High Streak Blackjack, it is especially important to know when to bet the sidebet. Although counting cards is a common strategy in Blackjack and other casino games, this is difficult to do in High Streak Blackjack, since the game reshuffles the cards after each round. Moreover, this game can only be played online for the time being, where the cards are played much more randomly. So with this version of the game, players tend to look more at how many rounds are lost before playing a High Streak sidebet.

    The reason behind this is that the law of averages should ensure that the player wins some rounds after losing some rounds. This is a tricky theory, since it is never certain how many rounds will be lost before the average is reinstated, but it is often used as a strategy. For other players, it is simply a matter of placing as many sidebets as possible, and hoping that a winning streak will emerge.