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The Casino High Roller Bonus

Actually this type of bonus only starts from an amount worth at least €500, but often the bonus amount is a lot higher. That’s why we talk about a High Roller Bonus. We have put together the best of these types of casino bonuses.

Online casinos benefit greatly from repeat players and especially from gamblers who wager a lot of money when they play. So what exactly does this bonus that the so-called high rollers get?

High Roller BonusHigh Roller Bonus

High stakes; high rewards

As an online gambler, you want to develop yourself into someone who wins on a regular basis. However, we want to help you out of the dream. Ultimately, gambling is a losing game, it should be done as a form of entertainment and not as a way to make money.

Betting more will qualify you for the High Roller Bonus. This bonus is part of a VIP treatment that many online casinos offer to active, high spending gamblers.

A high roller is someone who bets a lot of money while gambling. Online casinos offer the highest bonuses to these players, often to persuade people to make a high deposit. The High Roller Bonus is therefore in most cases a deposit or welcome bonus. What type of player is eligible for such a bonus?

What does the bonus look like?

Online casinos are ready with the highest bonuses suitable for gamblers with a big budget. It is an incentive for many people to deposit large sums of money and therefore play with a lot of money. (Editors note: be careful not to play above your budget and capabilities). The bonus can be offered in various ways, but the following elements are always included;

  • Obviously a high amount of between €500 and €3,000.
  • A percentage bonus; for example 50% welcome bonus up to a total of €2,500.
  • Tricky playthrough requirements that are only achievable for active players.
  • Possible free spins as an extra.

What the bonus looks like can vary from one online casino to another and also has to do with the conditions attached to the license. The fact is that the High Roller Bonus is not for everyone, although everyone can use this bonus.

However, you need to have enough money to be able to play through the bonus amount. If you are able to wager the bonus correctly, then you can clear the entire bonus amount and credit your account with attractive amounts of money.

Difference from the standard bonus

There are clear differences between the High Roller Bonus and standard bonuses. Admittedly, both types of bonuses are attractive and have more or less the same terms and conditions. The big difference, of course, is in the amount of the bonus amount.

High rollers are not just any gamblers but the goal in this case is the same; to benefit from the highest possible bonus. Your first deposit is usually a lot higher than normal, but the value you get in return is proportionally high.


Make sure you read up before you start playing the High Roller Bonus. Whatever bonus you play on, whether it’s standard or for high rollers, the terms and conditions will tell you how attractive the bonus really is. What are the key elements of a bonus in a nutshell?

One of the most important factors is of course the number of times you need to wager the bonus and there can be quite a difference from one bonus to another. In addition, the percentage of the bonus is also important. That is, there is a big difference between a 50% bonus and a 200% bonus.

  • A 50% bonus up to €1,000 means that you need to deposit at least €2,000 before you get the full €1,000 bonus in your account.
  • A 200% bonus up to €1,000 means that you only need to deposit €500 into your account before you get the full bonus amount worth €1,000.

In addition, it is also important to take into account the period of time you get to play through the bonus. Many online casinos will give you 30 days to clear a bonus, but you may have a longer or shorter time frame and this may significantly affect your chances of clearing the bonus.

Other bonus conditions include the maximum amount you can wager per game round, how to activate the bonus and games which are eligible for wagering the bonus.

We always recommend that before activating a bonus, you take your time to read up on the bonus terms.

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High Roller Bonus Benefits

The bonus has a few attractive benefits. Obviously you are dealing with a bonus amount that is many times higher than the standard deposit or welcome bonus. On the other hand, you obviously lose more money when things get tough. Don’t start with this if you are playing with money you can’t really afford to lose!

With this type of bonus you have less strict wagering requirements compared to the standard bonuses, while also getting VIP treatment from the online casino. What is this VIP treatment? Among other things, access to (live) casino with higher wagering options and maximum bets on the numerous slots.

With standard bonuses you often have a relatively low wagering requirement per game round, but this is mostly not the case with the High Roller Bonus. This bonus is exclusive and reserved for players who can afford it and are not afraid to take risks. The High Roller Bonus is without a doubt one of the most attractive bonuses for people who like to bet higher and can afford the risk.