Hi-Lo Live

Stake, RTP and Payouts of Hi-Lo Live

Depending on the online casino of your choice, you will be required to wager a minimum of between €1 and €20 per turn at Live Hi-Lo. It is therefore a good idea to check with your own table beforehand. The maximum bet is a lot higher with up to €200 per turn.

The RTP of Live Hi-Lo can also vary somewhat from provider to provider. This percentage fluctuates somewhere between 96% and 96.67%, making the difference almost negligible. In terms of further payouts, everything can sound a bit overwhelming, but it is not so bad in the end. It sounds a bit complicated because there are dynamic payouts.

Dynamic payouts really mean nothing more than that the fewer winning cards possible, the bigger your possible payout can be. If the current base card is a 6 and you bet on less, there are only four possible options that are lower: 2, 3, 4 or 5.

If you bet higher, there are many more options available. Because there are more options possible for ‘higher’, the payout for this is lower. Because of the fluctuations in the possible outcomes, the payout itself is also dynamic. Fortunately, the possible payout during the next round is described for each betting option.

Less tricky is predicting the possible payout for a sidebet. If you make the right prediction for the side bet ‘Red or Black’, you will receive 1.92 times your bet back. In the categories 2 to 5, 6 to 9 or J to A this is 2.89. Betting on ‘King or Ace’ gets you 5.78 times your bet, betting on just ‘Ace’ gets you 11.56 times. Bet on ‘Snap’, where the new card has the same value as the base card, you can win 12.06 times your bet.

Wonderfully simple for in between games

The game is moderated by dealers who are dressed to the nines. All this is done from Latvia, where Playtech has all kinds of studios of their own.

With the serious yet enthusiastic nature of the dealers and the simple user interface, it is very easy to quickly pick up a game and play along. The simple game rules and even simpler end goal also contribute to this. Great for in between games, but because of all the sidebets also a good option if you want to dive deeper into it.

We personally could really enjoy the simplicity of the game, but that does not necessarily apply to everyone. Since the entire game is based on almost pure luck – because the cards are shuffled before each round, you can’t base your decision on previously drawn cards – not every player will be cheering for Live Hi-Lo. You can, however, use this game to leverage your welcome bonus into a larger bankroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is Live Hi-Lo?

It’s nothing more than foreshadowing whether the next card is higher or lower than the first card?

Who is the game from?

Playtech invented this game.

Where can I play Live Hi-Lo?

Go to a legal online casino that works with the gaming provider Playtech. We have already selected a few for you.

Can I play the game for free?

No, unfortunately you can’t. You can only play live casino games for real money. So you also need an account at an online casino.

Our conclusion about Live Hi-Lo

Live Hi-Lo is a textbook example of a simple game that doesn’t have to be boring at all. The combination of the simple game, the speed of the dealers and the excitement of spinning cards makes for an effective combination. Add to that the environment from the Playtech studio, which is easy to see through the Full HD-quality live stream, and you can enjoy playing on both your laptop and phone.

The goal of the game could hardly be simpler: predict whether the next card turned is higher or lower than the current base card. This principle is made more exciting by adding sidebets. During the games, you can use a bet history with the results of previous turns, a live chat with other players and more extras that you would expect from a leading developer like Playtech.