Here’s why women are better gamblers than men

This article is not about women being better than men or men being better than women. This should be prefaced before you start reading the article. Instead, it is about some facts that may be uncomfortable for some readers.

Therefore, be the first to set aside your ideas about this superiority so that you can take in the information without prejudice and benefit from it. There will also be more explanation of the title of the article and why this might be true. This will be done using a number of examples.

Prejudices on the side

There are many prejudices that women have while gambling. These are based on the beliefs passed down from past generations. After all, men are said to be smarter and better than most women. This is obviously not the belief that prevails at the moment, but women could benefit if they were thought of in this way.

Women are often treated differently from men in casinos. Men often think they are better than the women, while it is by no means always apparent while playing the game. You see these proportions everywhere. No matter where you go to visit the casino, the proportions become painfully clear at all times.

The examples below will clarify these situations. However, once you know what is going on, you will also be able to use it better in the casino.

The advantages in blackjack

Card counters at Blackjack are seen as a real threat within the casino industry. These card counters are constantly monitored and once one is identified, it will be asked to leave the casino.
Women at the blackjack table do better than men
Women at the blackjack table do better than men
Most card counters are men. Casinos will therefore monitor men more quickly than men. Female card counters seem to be basically non-existent in the eyes of casino bosses. In doing so, it is not true that men are smarter than women, but it is true that casinos often consider them smarter. The focus on men cannot be explained in any other way and women are always ignored when the manhunt for card counters is opened.

From this you should not conclude that as a woman you will never be caught counting cards. It will just take much longer for the casino to realize that you are actually engaged in these practices. Men are always the first to be identified by the surveillance cameras and staff.

Beauty can be an important factor here, which is often not taken into account. However, this information should not be missing, because otherwise you wouldn’t know how to turn this beauty into an advantage at the blackjack table. As a female gambler, you can actually benefit from this. The more beautiful you are, the easier it is to get away with counting cards. You can increase or decrease your bet based on your findings. A team of card counters, therefore, often has a woman in the middle who can distract the dealer from all the practices at the rest of the table.

Card counting

You should not take card counting as a suggestion for your next visit to the casino. Only, at the same time, it’s a good one to keep in mind if you want to actually take advantage. For example, you can put on a sexy outfit, which will give you a great advantage in counting cards. So never underestimate your ability to distract someone at the table.

Men will never see beautiful women as a threat, because it is hard to accept that it can also be smart. Therefore, you can start using it as an advantage in many aspects. You can make strange moves, adjust the size of the bet and make the dealer perform certain actions with your appearance. You will also find that dealers will help you. Note, however, that you may also be asked to take out insurance. If the dealer has a blackjack, he will hesitate longer. The longer he hesitates, the sooner he can ask for insurance.

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The advantages at poker

As a woman, just walk into a poker room. You may scour the table, looking for other women, but quickly come to the conclusion that few women will be sitting at a table. Even at poker tournaments, it will be predominantly male. Somehow, there are almost always only men participating in this game. Women who win big or master the game of poker well are often treated as special. This is no longer about the abilities that a woman contains.

Poker is complicated. To start playing the game properly, you need to have a lot of knowledge about the rules and strategies. In addition, you must be able to correctly assess the skills of your opponents. This does not always make it easy. It’s not called a poker face for nothing.

As a woman, however, you can benefit from this. Men are much more likely to underestimate your abilities when playing a game. If you’ve got a good hand and the majority of the people at the table are men, they’ll quickly think they’re smarter. You can capitalize on this by raising your bet. Ultimately, you win by means of your bet, because the men have misjudged you. You also need to bluff a little less than the men at the table.

Bluffing less may feel painful at first. Your win, however, more than makes up for it. Therefore, always take advantage of the benefits at the poker table. Not only can you make more money, but you can also take advantage of the situation. All the prejudices and biases can also become your advantage during a game of poker.

Playing dumb

As a man, you can talk slower than others. You can also be clear. This can eventually be turned into opportunities. You can take advantage of the situation by making people easily think you are stupid. Talking slower and making people think you are stupid can lead to people thinking they are going to win. While you may be the one who walks away with the win at the end of the night.

Many of your opponents will start to think that, as a woman, you are not as smart as the other players at a table. Again, this may sound strange. After all, why would you pretend to be stupid? However, if you know how to play well, then you also know that it is going to take you towards profit. With just a few actions you can bring the game completely to your hand. Eventually you can take revenge on the one who thinks he is much better than you. Doesn’t it feel good to win the game and leave the rest of the table surprised?

Many opponents will maintain the superior feeling for so long that you can take advantage of the situation for an extended period of time. Indeed, many initially think it is beginner’s luck. By starting to execute the game as well as you can and beating your opponents, you will eventually be able to leave them at the table in shame. After all, they have not accepted that you are much smarter and better than them.

One of the examples you can use for this is actress Jennifer Tilly. In fact, she has a good way of making people believe that she is stupid. However, if you start looking more closely at her, you will start to suspect that she is actually very intelligent. After all, you can’t become a good poker player if you’re stupid.

What you can do as a man

Of course, not only women can learn from the information in this article. Also as a man you can learn a lot from it. For example, you should always look closely at the players. The beliefs you have and the advantages you have towards women, you have to be realistic in the first place. Because even if you don’t want to be biased, you still have to admit that you often are.

Thus, the first thing you have to do is to start learning to deal with these prejudices. You have to see them changed or even overcome when you are in a casino. After all, you don’t want the women to take advantage of you while playing. Women should therefore always be treated in the same way as the men who are your opponents. Therefore, always try to look at the facts and see if they are good or not. For example, you can also start communicating more with the women at the table.

Of course, as a man you should always make sure that you are not distracted by what a woman looks like or what she is wearing. After all, you need to start achieving your goal and you can’t do that when you have too many distractions. If a man’s clothes don’t distract you, why should a woman’s clothes?

Bottom line

If you’re a woman, you can use the information above to control the situation as much as possible and take advantage of your opponents. Your betting results will be improved as a result. The fact that men often have a preconceived notion about women can start to make you a lot of money.

As a man, you have to make sure that you do not fall into these traps. Make sure you ignore the advantages and above all prevent these prejudices from costing you money. After all, every person should be treated the same in a perfect world. This perfect world just doesn’t exist. Therefore, you need to start being aware of your own beliefs so that you can get a good start at the casino.