Here’s how to gamble without depositing money

It may sound a bit unreal, but there are ways to gamble without having to pay any money. Of course, if you want to win money, it’s always better to play with your own starting budget. But if you’re a bit short on cash and want to take a gamble, there are certainly possibilities.

The competition among casinos, especially online casinos, is huge. Virtually every casino is doing its best to attract players who are looking for a casino as soon as possible.

To do this they use, for example, casino bonuses to persuade players to create an account. This is something you can take advantage of when you have no money to play. In this article you’ll read more, sometimes somewhat unorthodox, ways to play for free at the casino.

Gambling with a bonus
With a no deposit bonus you can gamble without having to deposit any money yourself

Using a No Deposit Bonus

With the right approach, strategy and healthy expectations, it is possible to make a profit at an online casino. A no deposit bonus may seem too good to be true, but they do exist. However, not every casino offers this type of bonus and also you will have to read the terms and conditions carefully.

But there are definitely casinos that give away free money without the need to deposit. This requires you to first create an account at the casino and that’s exactly why these bonuses are offered. The casino hopes that when your bankroll is a bit fuller you’ll be able to find your way back to their casino.

Remember that many No Deposit Bonus terms include a maximum win amount. If you win more than that amount, you won’t be able to withdraw the remainder. You will only receive the amount listed as the No Deposit Bonus maximum winnings.

Use a sweepstake to bet on sports

A sweepstake is a bet that you make with an online sports betting provider. These are similar to casino bonuses, but with a real sweepstake you don’t have to pay anything for them.

Again, the booking office offers you these sweepstakes to persuade you to create an account. The next time you bet, you’ll be tempted to put some money in there.

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Reward yourself with money to gamble

Granted, you will need to have a small budget, but for some, this is a fun way to achieve goals. Gamification is where you start rewarding yourself for reaching certain goals. Compare it to a bar of chocolate that you will reward yourself with after not snacking for a week.

If we extend this idea to gambling, you could try to eat cheaply for a week. If necessary, set a certain budget. If you manage to keep this up, you’ll have some extra money at the end of the week. That you can then use for a gamble.

Doing a little favor

When your friends ask you for a favor, offer something in return. When repairing a friend’s car for example, you ask €3, because every little bit helps. Save these amounts together and after a while you will have a nice pot. With that, you can try to make some profit in the casino.

If you make such a deal with a friend, you can explain what you want to use the money for. Who knows, they might even contribute an extra bit! You could even go so far as to let friends share in any winnings you make.

Spend your time wisely, because time is money. How you spend your time also affects your health. So don’t overdo it and don’t spend all day chasing chores.

Become a freelance copywriter

If you are good with a pen, it might be time to earn some money with it. There are plenty of companies looking for freelance copywriters. The earnings may be a bit meager in the beginning, but once you have some more experience and have built a portfolio, that can quickly change.

In addition, you can combine writing and gaming very nicely. Freelance writing can be, for example, reviewing casino games, it can be writing about gambling tips, but of course you can also just write texts in which you will review yoga videos on YouTube.

Whatever you decide, there is always someone looking for writers. Give it a try! You certainly don’t have to make a career out of it. All you need is a few bucks to gamble with for an evening.


No matter how poor or broke you are, there is always something you can find or think of to gamble without it costing you tons of money. A day without gambling is not a disaster either. Don’t waste time and energy wishing you had more money to play with. The money you have is personal.