Great stories from the casino floor

Gambling is an activity that captures the imagination of many people. It’s fun to do because of the excitement it evokes and that’s why people like to take a gamble at the casino or at a casino online, right at home from the comfort of their armchair.

Now there are some really special stories from the gambling world. We have selected the most exciting stories and will highlight them in a number of articles.

Exciting stories from the gambling world

Some stories were the inspiration for a book or movie or led people to take a gamble. Although gambling is not always a good thing for everyone and is not all sunshine and roses, many people still like to be tempted and try their luck from time to time.

You would do this just for the thrill of it. If you continue to see gambling as a game then there is nothing wrong with that. Just don’t let it get to the point where it becomes an addiction that you can’t stop or that leads to major losses both financially and otherwise.

All or nothing

Perhaps it is not a wise thing to do or perhaps you are rather crazy if you bet all your money on gambling but for some people it does pay off. This was certainly the case for Ashley Revell. The Englishman sold everything he had and left for Las Vegas to take a gamble at the Roulette table. There he bet everything on red, including the money he had received from a bookmaker who sponsored him. And what happened? It turned red and he immediately doubled his total bet!

Filmed for television

The whole thing was filmed for a television program. This is called Double or Nothing. Of course, he was lucky that it turned out to be Double and not Nothing for him and the story became an inspiration for many who also wanted to take a gamble. The most bizarre part of the story is actually that Revell chose to bet his money on American Roulette.

The chances of winning are less than 50% if you bet on one color, and even less than if you chose the European version. This is because there is one less number to spin because the double 00 is missing.

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The woman who couldn’t lose

Some people are luckier than others, that’s just the way it is. But for some people, their luck is so crazy that it becomes almost too coincidental or even unbelievable. An example of this is the story of Patricia Demauro from New Jersey.

She went to the Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City and managed to leave the casino as the most successful player of all time. She managed to win an enormous amount of money playing the game Craps, which is played only with dice.

She managed to roll the dice 154 times without rolling a seven even once. The chance of that happening is really very small, so it is already very special, almost unbelievable even. That is exactly what makes this story so extreme.

The chance of rolling Craps for more than four hours in a row without getting even one seven is extremely minimal. Her exact winnings are not precise, but it is clear that it is such that you could buy a small country with it.

The FedEx rescue

Another lucky one we mention concerns the owner of FedEX, Fred Smith. His transportation company might not even exist anymore if he hadn’t played Blackjack. Smith realized at some point that his company was in dire straits and there was hardly any money left to fuel the planes to deliver the packages. So he decided to travel to Las Vegas to try to use the last few pennies of his company and make a profit.

He succeeded so well that he was able to increase his efforts fivefold and thus ensure the survival of his company. It didn’t solve all the problems immediately but the planes could get back into the air so the company didn’t have to be declared bankrupt and could continue. How lucky if you play with your company’s money.