Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

Evolution has done it again. They bring a revolutionary new live casino game to the market. Main character is Gonzo, the tasteful Spanish explorer from Gonzo’s Quest, one of the most popular slot machines online.

In Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live, you’ll see Gonzo with a host from Evolution who run the game together. The game is based on the falling rocks and winning combinations that make the online slot machine so popular. A live casino game based on a slot machine? “How is that possible?”, you may be asking yourself. We’ll explain the game to you exactly.

How do you play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt live?

1. Choose the Right Stones

At the start of the game, you select one or more tiles that you expect to appear in the wall. You also select the number of “Picks” that you want to do in the game. This is the number of times you may make a choice later in the game.

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2. The wall comes into action

On a large wall, the stones are shuffled and the values of the stones are revealed.

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3. Select the bricks on the wall

You can now select a number of stones on the wall. The number depends on the number of Picks you determined at the beginning. You can see on the screen how many you have selected.

4. Gonzo initiates the Prize Drop

By turning a key, Gonzo initiates the Prize Drop. This “Prize Drop” increases the value of a number of tiles.

5. Multipliers come into play

During the Prize Drop, prizes will appear on the top of the wall. Multipliers also appear on the screen. These multipliers become active on the visible bonuses and can provide big prizes.

6. The values of the tiles are revealed

The wall shows all the values of the stones. Players can see if they have a prize and how big it is. You can only win with a bet on the right tiles.

Gonzos Treasure Hunt howto 6

7. Payouts

If you have bet on the right stone, you will receive your prize. If there is a multiplier associated with it, your prize will be multiplied by this multiplier. The prize won will appear in your account and the next game will begin.

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Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Join Gonzo as he hunts for new treasures in this fun live casino game from Evolution. Each player’s adventure is unique because it depends on the player’s own choice. That’s what makes it so exciting, frustrating and fun at the same time.

The Spanish explorer Gonzo was in search of the lost golden city of El Dorado and its treasures in the hugely successful slot game Gonzo’s Quest. And now our Spanish friend is back in the live casino. Against the background of an ancient Inca city, you’ll find the main element of the game. A giant wall with 70 stones where you go hunting for prizes.

Each player decides which stones to look for and how often. But there is more! During the “Prize Drop” additional prizes and multipliers fall down along the wall. These upgrade some stones to gigantic prizes. Are you lucky enough to have one of the tiles on which your bet is placed? Then you can win prizes up to 20,000x your bet.

Placing your bets

Beforehand you select stones that you expect to win prizes. There is a choice of 6 different stones. Each brick has its own value as a prize. This varies from 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x to 65x your bet. The higher the value of the stone, the smaller the chance that it will appear on the wall. You have 15 seconds each game to place your bets.

After choosing the stones, you determine the number of “Picks”. This is the number of times you may choose a place on the wall further in the game. Each “Pick” represents 1 choice. The more picks you buy, the greater the chance you’ll pick your brick. But you then pay for that as well. The total bet you have to make is your stake times the number of stones times the number of picks. Example: €1 on the 65x brick and €2 on the 8x brick with 4 picks will cost (€1+€2)x4=€12.
The game is run by Gonzo and a host
The game is run by Gonzo and a host

Treasure Hunt

Once the betting time is over the wall shuffles all the stones and the values of the stones are hidden. The countdown begins and you can hunt for the treasure. You may select between 1 and 20 stones, depending on how many “Picks” you have chosen beforehand. Each player chooses their own stones, which makes the game super interesting and fun. Everyone is hunting for their own treasure.

Prize Drop

Gonzo triggers the Prize Drop with a turn of a key in the wall. This causes the value of the bricks to be upgraded. Bonus prizes appear at the top of the wall. If there is an opening in the row below, the prizes fall further down and stop at random stones. The additional prize is added to the value of the stone. 0 to a maximum of 7 prizes per round fall from the wall.

The bonus prize is added to the payout value of the stone, between 3-100. Sometimes there will be a “Re-Drop”, so a bonus prize can land on a tile that already has a bonus prize. In that case, the bonus prize is in addition to the previous prize.

Sometimes a multiplier appears during the Prize Drop. This multiplier applies to all visible values and is between 2x and 10x. The multiplier is only active if there is an open row below the multiplier.


Things get even more exciting when the Re-Drop appears. The Re-Drop symbol causes a new Prize Drop so that even higher prizes are possible. A maximum of 10 Re-Drops can appear in 1 game. The bonus prizes fall until they stop at a random stone in the column below. With each Prize Drop, bonus prizes, multipliers and Re-Drop symbols can appear.

Maximum Prize

The maximum amount that an individual stone can yield during a Prize Drop is 20,000x the bet. At the end of the game, the wall shows all the prizes so that all the players of the game can see if they have chosen the right stones.

You win if you choose a stone that has a bet of yours on it. Should you have a winning stone and that stone has also received a bonus, this extra value is added to the standard payout, which is 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x or 65x. Your winning bet is multiplied by the final value of the stone. Your original bet on each found stone is also returned to you.


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  • RTP of 96,56%
  • Exciting live casino game with Gonzo as the host
  • Augmented Reality technology
  • Prizes can go up to 20,000x your stake

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the release of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live?

On 7 June 2021 the game will be available at multiple online casinos

What is the RTP of the game.

This live casino game has an RTP of 96.56%.

Is the game an online slot machine?

No, it’s a live casino game based on the popular slot machine Gonzo’s Quest. The game is a combination of a game show with slot machine elements.

Our verdict on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live

Evolution does it again! They come up with a super original and fun game. You can win really nice prizes with little money. The Prize Drop provides a nice tension building of the game and the Re-Drop does that even a little bit on top. The game is a bit in between playing a slot machine and participating in a game show. The engaging Gonzo next to Evolution’s live host adds that extra touch that makes the game so much fun. Sort of the way Mr. Monopoly does on Monopoly Live.

We think it’s another shot in the arm by Evolution and expect a lot of enthusiasm from the players. In any case, we can’t wait until the game will go live at every leading online casino. The release date is set for June 7, 2021. Just cross it out in your calendar.