Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo, magician of roulette

In every sport or other skill, you will find one or more people who excel in it. This is also true in the gambling world. In every game that is played there is always someone who stands out above the rest or stands out in some way.

This is also true of the Spaniard Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo, who is known for his achievements at roulette.

Life and career of Garcia Pelayo

Garcia Pelayo was born in Madrid in 1947. When he was 20 years old he started working in a nightclub as the one who programmed the music. After that he had several jobs and worked as a music producer, television and radio presenter, film director and last but not least as a professional gambler. His career in the music business certainly did not go badly but he is still mostly known as a gambler.

The numbers that fell more often began to stand out

Garcia Pelayo really started gambling as a total layman when he entered the casino. He did this to escape the drudgery of everyday life and find some relaxation. However, he was not exactly a stupid guy and there was certainly nothing wrong with his mathematical talent. Once he started playing at the roulette table, he noticed something. He noticed that certain numbers fell more often than others. The only thing he had to do was to determine which numbers they were.

Collecting data at the roulette table

Completely obsessed with the game and this idea, Garcia Pelayo decided to make a plan to find out which numbers fell more often than others in roulette. He had to collect a lot of data from different roulette tables and come up with a system to analyze them all in order to find out if there was a pattern. He could not do this alone, so he mobilized his entire family to collect data in numerous casinos in Madrid for quite some time, as often and as much as possible.

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Analyze data with a special program

After collecting this data, Garcia Pelayo managed to develop a program that allowed him to analyze the data. The program then generated certain profiles for each roulette wheel used and a list of the numbers most likely to be spun on a particular wheel. Not exactly an inconvenient thing to have around if you’re going to place a bet on a game that is generally known for being primarily based on luck.

Large profits achieved with the help of the system

The system he developed certainly paid off in practice because Garcia Pelayo and his family managed to win more than $700,000 in roulette within a year. This led to them being banned from the casinos for winning too much and even being sued. However, this lawsuit was won by Garcia Pelayo because the judge concluded that he had not done anything illegal. Collecting data from the Roulettes game and analyzing it is not illegal so he was not convicted for it but even praised for the program he designed.

Master of the Roulette

Today Garcia is known as the Grand Master of Roulette and is a true inspiration for the players of this game. He also published a book about it in 2003 entitled The Fabulous Story of the Pelayos in which he describes his experiences and techniques. He was also used as a source of inspiration for a documentary about Las Vegas and Roulette in particular. His research led to more people becoming excited about Roulette and delving into his theory to see if it was true. For Garcia Pelayo, it certainly was so it is by no means inconceivable that it holds true for other casinos, all over the world.

Malfunctioning of the system at the casino

Garcia Pelayo’s research has shown that the casinos themselves have a flaw in the roulette system. If certain numbers simply fall more often than others, there is something not quite right with the wheel and, after lengthy research, you can discover a certain pattern in it that can be beneficial to you as a player. Since this is less favorable for the casino itself, they are trying to solve the problem and are making more use of cameras during the game to discover whether a certain number does indeed fall more often and whether there are participants in the game who bet more often on that very number in order to increase their chances of winning.