GECO Gaming

GECO Gaming Wins ‘Software Rising Star’

Many companies are making an attempt to break into the world of online casino games. Each company has a different approach to this and some focus on developing quality games, while others take a broader approach. At GECO Gaming they chose the latter. The company recognized that it was difficult to go up against many of the larger companies with a relatively small team, and the company also recognized that they were not the only ones having this problem. To solve this problem, they decided to sit down with some smaller developers, then they decided to work together. In this way they created a bigger and strong company that made it easier for them to enter the online casino business. GECO Gaming was formed in 2014 from Australia’s TGL and the UK’s WagerMill.

Many of the developers at GECO Gaming have experience at some of the big names within the industry, because of this there is a strong team behind the company who have brought successful games to market more often than not. One of the strengths of GECO Gaming is the fact that they are made up of the aforementioned partnership, and are still open to collaborating with many small companies. This allows for many creative solutions to problems that otherwise would not have the manpower. The result of this is the fact that in its first year, the GECO Gaming Group was awarded the ‘Software Rising Star’, a title that any young company would only be happy to receive.

The GECO Gaming Software

One of the first things you think of when you hear about such a partnership is communication, which should cause problems with the development of the games. Within the online casino industry, this is easily remedied by making sure that each company uses the same method of development. The games that the companies develop are made exclusively with Flash and HTML5, so all the games go together easily in the included software from GECO Gaming. This makes the games available to any player who has a computer or a Mac, also the HTML5 development makes it possible to play many games on your cell phone.

The games

Since the company is still fairly young, they have not yet released a large number of games. The selection currently stands at twelve games, which includes one bingo game and the rest consists of video slot games. One of the features you will see in every game are excellent graphics, the games are eye-catching and are exactly what you expect from a modern company. These excellent visuals are accompanied by good audio effects and quality gameplay. The cooperation of the companies also clearly provides many innovative solutions, the games almost all have interesting bonus features that are nicely thought out and play nice.

An unorthodox, but successful way

It is nice to see that a company that has taken a fairly unusual approach is doing well within the industry. Within the online casino industry there are many big names that develop games without delay, these games sometimes feel monotonous. GECO Gaming is the opposite of this and through a good approach with many creative developers they deliver fun and interesting games time after time. For experienced players, the company’s games will be a nice change of pace and for new players a fun way to explore the online casino world. Our opinion is only positive and we recommend GECO Gaming for all different players.