Free spins after deposit and before deposit

What do we mean by free spins?

Before we tell you about free spins after deposit and before deposit, let’s briefly explain what it actually means. A free spin is given for free on a particular slot. You can get this as a bonus on regular slots, but also with the opportunity to play on a slot of your choice.
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Depending on the casino, sometimes you have to deposit in order to get free spins, but sometimes you can get free spins without a deposit. We’ll explain this in detail in this article.

Free spins before deposit

Free spins before deposit means that you don’t have to deposit money in order to get a series of spins. Usually, this is part of the welcome bonus issued by a casino. If you register yourself at a casino you will receive 10 free spins as a player, for example.

Many see what that these can be used on the slot Starburst, but there are also casinos that select them on other games. Either way, it’s nice to know you won’t be losing money right away to get this bonus. The important thing to know is that you never get any winnings from a bonus right away. You have to clear a casino bonus. We will explain this further on in this article.

Free spins after deposit

While free spins before deposit do not require you to add any money, free spins after deposit do exactly the opposite. Again, this may be part of your welcome bonus. If you receive free spins after a deposit at a casino, the number of spins is often higher. For example, many casinos offer 100 free spins after your first deposit.

Conveniently, this is also in most cases extra on top of the free bonus money obtained with an initial deposit. As with the free spins without a deposit, even after a deposit often applies that you can bet them on fixed games. With the welcome bonus, this also usually involves Starburst, but not to worry! Free spins on slots with a different theme are also given.

Many casinos also give out intermediate bonuses that you can receive as free spins after deposit. This is a good thing because it allows you to gamble on other slots with free spins as well. Usually this is the case when a new slot is released and a promotion is issued around it. How much you have to deposit to get a series of free spins? That depends on the casino. However, we usually see that you will receive more spins for example if the interim amount you deposit is higher. Obviously, at all online casinos you can see this in the bonus terms that are given.

Casinos that offer free spins

Over the years we have tested many casinos. Our goal is to show you which casinos are safe to gamble at. Moreover, we have also listed all of their bonuses. Don’t have an account at a casino yet? Then you can make your choice based on the casino bonuses.

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Unlock free spins

The last thing we need to tell you about free spins after deposit and free spins before deposit? That you always have to clear the money you won with these free spins. How to clear a bonus is stated in the bonus terms. These terms state how many times you need to use your free spins winnings in order to cash out.

Furthermore, you should know that as a player you often don’t have unlimited time to do this. Most online casinos require you to clear your free spins winnings within 30 days. Occasionally this number of days is higher. In that case the bonus must be released within 60 or even 90 days. Our tip is to always check the terms and conditions of a casino bonus before you play it! In any case, the number of available bonuses should not be a problem.