Facts the casino prefers to keep secret

When you go to the casino it is to have a nice day or evening with friends. The fun, the atmosphere and the game are important to you but for the casino other things play an important role as well. They want to earn money from you and keep the business running.

Therefore there are certain things they do that they don’t want you to know about. Have you become curious? Then read the following text before you go to the casino again.

The casino always has a home field advantage

You’ve probably heard of a home field advantage at the casino. This means that the casino itself always has a slightly better chance of winning than the players. However, this advantage is not the same in every game. For example, the stakes involved in a slot machine are not that high but the casino’s advantage can be as high as 10%. In table games, the house edge is significantly lower (around 3%) while in video poker it can be less than 1%. Before choosing a particular game, therefore, always look closely at the house edge.

Dealers make mistakes too

Dealers make mistakes, too. After all, they’re just people like you and me. This can happen, for example, when shuffling the cards or when dealing them. For example, it often happens that in the middle of a game they turn over a card that they were not supposed to see, giving you an advantage. This is just a mistake but it does happen.

Counting cards is not prohibited

Although casinos don’t like you to do it, counting cards is allowed and not prohibited. They don’t like it when you do that but it’s not illegal as long as you do it in your head and don’t use any other tools. There have been plenty of wins in earlier decades from counting cards at Blackjack. Counting cards does require some technique and is not for everyone. If you want to try it, practice well and know that with a team you’ll have a better chance of success at counting.

You will always be seen

Also keep in mind when playing at the casino that you are always under surveillance. There are cameras everywhere and every casino has security. Everything you do is seen, so there is not much privacy. On the other hand, should something unpleasant happen, you’ll always be on camera and you’ll be safe in a casino. The chances of being robbed there are immediately reduced by the presence of security and cameras.

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At Poker there is not always supervision

Are you a Poker player? And do you regularly wager large sums? Then you belong to the so-called High Rollers at the casino. These are often allowed to play Poker in a special area reserved for them. There you can also immediately enjoy perks but more importantly, there are usually no cameras there so playing there immediately becomes much quieter and more private.

Tables with players of the same level

When you go to the casino you’ll be able to choose the table you want to sit at and play the game you want. Just make sure you choose a table with players who are of the same level as you. Especially if you’re a newcomer, it’s not so smart to choose a table with more experienced players because then they’ll have a big advantage over you. If you are more experienced yourself it obviously works the other way around. Then you have an advantage over the newcomers.

Avoid keno because there is nothing to win

Although Keno is fun to play and the game resembles a lottery, there is no dry bread to be earned. Want to earn some money from gambling? Then you better choose another game than Keno. Here the casino has a home field advantage between 35 and 50% so you know it as a player. It’s entertaining but it doesn’t really pay off.

Not everything is glitter and glamour

Although Las Vegas is very attractive for gambling there, not everything that takes place there is wonderful. The city has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. Many people also come there to commit suicide or do so after suffering great losses. If they are addicted to gambling, then suicide is often still the only option although it is mainly kept quiet by everyone that this happens there frequently.

Do not think that you are in control

Although you may think you are in control when you are at the casino, nothing could be further from the truth. The casino is constantly trying to appeal to your emotions and in many ways to make sure you stay and don’t leave. You may think that you are in control, but the casino provides you with gifts, atmosphere, decorations and so on, even if you think you are in control and choose when to quit.

Choosing a quiet table is better?

Are you new to the casino or a particular game? Then you’ll be inclined to choose a quieter table to play at, but this is just not very smart. If you choose a busier table, you can see what other players are doing and learn from it. In addition, there is more time between players, allowing you to think longer about a particular move. Start by not betting too high and only increase the amount when you are more sure of your play and tactics. Keep well in mind all the facts mentioned so you know when you can continue playing and when it’s better to quit and go home. Hopefully with the necessary profit.