Collaboration the basis of success

Recently, for example, Ezugi has also established a partnership with the Las Vegas Casino in Hungary. This allows people to enjoy all the games the Las Vegas has to offer from home. Ezugi has this cooperation with several online casinos so the audience that plays at Ezugi is large and spread all over the world.

Create your own gaming environment at Ezugi

Ezugi also offers its players various possibilities to spend their time at the table in the best way possible. For example, they have recently added Widgets to their product range. These are small applications that, for example, complete certain functions at the edge of the player’s screen. For example, it could be a news feed where you see current news passing by. In the case of Ezugi, they have a wide range of Widgets.

To name a few examples, players can open a video book. With that they can watch sports games if necessary. Also, for example, you can also view facebook and twitter here. This ensures that the player does not have to be bored and the playing environment can be adjusted to their own needs. Many of the games also offer additional features to make the player happy. A good example of this is live music that can be turned on and off.


The famous casino games and more

When it comes to live casino games, Ezugi has a wide selection. All classic casino games are represented. Some examples are Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Baccarat. In short, all the most famous games that are played in the big casinos. As mentioned earlier, these games are played via a live feed. This allows players from all over the world to play on the same table with a real dealer.

The dealers at the table also communicate with the players at home. Ezugi has built in a chat feature that also allows players to talk to each other or to the dealer. This enhances the authentic feeling that as a player you are still in a casino.


Ezugi is one of the largest providers of casino games, that much is clear. They offer several games of good quality. The most important casino games are included and the games are accessible and easy to play. Also the additional features such as chat options and the ability to customize the gaming environment with Widgets ensures that the player never gets bored. Ezugi delivers good games that are ideal for people who are looking for the real casino experience but prefer to do this from home.