Essential blackjack strategies that everyone should use

Blackjack is without a doubt one of the most popular card games in the casino. Everyone has played it at some point or at least understands how to play the game. But did you know that using certain strategies can increase your chances of winning considerably?

Essential Strategies

This is because the choices you make, combined with the specific rules of the table, influence the outcome of the game. The more blackjack strategies you know, the greater your chances of winning.

These strategies below are easy to follow and you can use them right now, so to speak!

1. Use a strategy card

The simplest strategy you can employ is to use a strategy card. This lists all the outcomes that are possible in blackjack. Each hand that can be played at blackjack has an optimal follow-up choice. This is determined by a simple calculation of probability.

For example, if you get a nine and a ten, everyone understands that the probability is very small that a third card will be a two or an ace. It is much more likely that a card higher than two will be dealt. Passing is therefore the most ideal choice with this combination.

It’s different if, for example, you are dealt a ten and a six and the dealer has a ten. The strategy card will then show you exactly what the best choice is (according to the probability calculation).

BCB Blackjack dealer
The worst bet at the blackjack table is taking insurance when the dealer has an ace

2. Never take an insurance bet

The worst bet you can make at the blackjack table is to take insurance when the dealer has an ace. You then have to place half of your bet and get paid double, when the dealer has blackjack.

If the dealer indeed has blackjack, then you get your insurance paid twice and lose your bet. In that case you have no win and no loss. If there is no blackjack, then you lose the insurance and play with your initial bet.

This may seem like an advantageous bet, but it certainly is not. The insurance is nothing more or less than a sidebet. This sidebet is only possible when the dealer gets an ace. So you should really look at this bet as a regular sidebet.

After a simple probability calculation it becomes clear that the probability of the dealer actually getting a blackjack is 4:13. However, the probability that this will not happen is much higher, namely 9:13. From this follows a ratio of 9:4 while the payout in insurance is only 2:1.

If the payout were 2.25:1, it would be a fair payout. However, this is not the case and that makes insurance one of the least sensible choices you can make.

3. Play at a table with advantageous game rules

Every game rule followed at a blackjack table is either in favor of the player or the casino. Tables that offer a 3:2 payout at blackjack offer more of an advantage than tables that offer a 6:5 payout.

In fact, you should never play at tables that pay less than 3:2. Other important rules that can work in your favor and that you should look for include:

  • Doubling down on any two cards;
  • Allowing you to double after splitting;
  • To split multiple times;
  • Dealer must pass on a soft 17.

These rules are to the player’s advantage. Thus, the more of these rules a table follows, the more favorable it ends up being.

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4. Always use your loyalty card

When you play at the casino you have the opportunity to receive a loyalty card and collect points. These points can then be exchanged for a drink, food or free entrance on your next visit.

The loyalty card, called Favorites Card at Holland Casino, is free of charge and can be used in all games you play at the casino. Be sure to do so! When you sit down at a table, you can hand your loyalty card to the dealer.

The points accumulated during the game are then simply credited to your account. A free drink or meal is always a bonus. The money you save in the long run can be used to increase your chances of winning at the casino.

5. Start counting cards

Counting cards is really the only strategy that can give you an advantage when playing blackjack. It may seem very difficult, but it’s not. There are several ways to count cards and explanations of each strategy can be easily found on the Internet.

A few hours of practice is often enough to master a strategy. Once you have mastered it, you will benefit from it for life. Practicing your card counting strategy can be done online by using the practice mode of a blackjack video slot.

BCB Beverage at the casino
With a loyalty card you collect points that you can exchange for, for example, a drink

6. Learn Shuffle Tracking and Ace Sequencing

Shuffle Tracking and Ace Sequencing are terms that may seem unfamiliar to you. Not surprisingly, because they are professional blackjack strategies. Shuffle Tracking can only be applied when cards are shuffled manually.

Here you pay attention to the value of the cards and where, after being played, they are placed in the card deck. If you know the location of the higher cards, especially when they are grouped together, you can benefit from this. After all, on the next round, you know the approximate location of the higher cards.

In Ace Sequencing, the same principle applies, only you focus specifically on the aces in the game. If more than two aces are played at the same time, keep an eye on where they approximately disappear into the card tray. Again, you will then know approximately when the aces will be dealt on the next round.

7. Try Hole Carding

Hole carding is also a professional blackjack technique. It involves trying to find out what the dealer’s closed card is. In practice, this technique won’t get you anywhere too often, as it is very tricky.

However, if you do manage to see the closed card, you will of course have a huge advantage. Hole carding can sometimes be done by dealers who are sloppy in the way they deal the cards.

The best position for hole carding is directly opposite the dealer or to the sides of the table. It is, of course, paying close attention and also just playing your game. It won’t happen often, but if you do manage to spot a card, the win is yours.


With the simple strategies discussed in this article, you can get started right away. Get a strategy card and use it every time you play. Never take out insurance and look for tables with good rules. Especially at online casinos, the rules vary quite a bit.

The last three strategies mentioned on this page are more for professional players, but it’s good to know they exist and work!