It is clear that within this relatively small team, because no, Endorphina is certainly not one of the largest developers in terms of size, people work extremely hard. Hard work is an important factor, but it does not always lead to immediate success and good quality; other qualities are also required. Whether Endorphina has these qualities is something we will look at in the rest of this article, in which we will list the pros and cons of the company for you, so that you can decide whether you want to play Endorphina’s games or not.

The added value of Endorphina

Graphics, that is often the first thing that is looked at when evaluating online casino games. After all, the visual aspect is becoming increasingly important. Endorphina, however, passes this test with flying colors. In fact, it comes close to the highest score here, should we actually work with a point system. In fact, Endorphina’s video slots are all picture-perfect.


Games are played all over the world

This in itself makes the games fun to play, but the gameplay, which is challenging and precisely designed, adds to this. This good combination manifests itself in popular games such as: Blast Boom Pang, Chimney Sweerp, Fresh Fruit, 4 of a King, Ice Pirates and Gems & Stones. By the way, this is of course a selection of the total offer, which we will come back to in a moment. What further speaks in favor of Endorphina is that the aforementioned games and all those others from this developer have now gone international.

This means that they can be played in online casinos from all over the world. At first, this was not the case and Endorphina only supplied a single casino, but recently this has changed due to a considerable expansion in this area.

Points of improvement

As far as the supply of their games to online casinos is concerned, there has been quite an expansion, but if we look at the total offer, an expansion there is clearly still lacking. In total, Endorphina’s offer consists of only thirty games, which brings us to the main disadvantage of this developer. The real winners often have a hundred or more games.

Moreover, their offer consists of all kinds of different games, which are completely different in nature. By this we mean that at Endorphina you can only play video slots, while you can also expect table games such as roulette and the like. On the other hand, it is true that because of this, Endorphina really focuses on one thing and you don’t get any half-hearted projects.