Easy to clear a casino bonus

Different types of bonuses

Playing the bonuses in a way that generates profit depends on many factors. The most famous bonus is the welcome bonus, which is often displayed in colorful, attractive letters on the homepages of websites.

The welcome bonus is given when you sign up at an online casino. But there are many other terms that are important to the beginner. They may seem intimidating at first glance, but it’s often not that bad.

    Cashable bonuses

    First of all there are cashable bonuses. In simple terms this means that the bonus is ready to be paid out. You have met the bonus requirements and can claim the bonus – possibly as cash.

    Another tricky concept: clearplay bonuses. These bonuses are not earned in one go. Step by step you clear such a bonus. A balance is an expensive word for your balance. Your balance consists not only of actual money, but also of bonuses which may or may not have to be unlocked step by step.

    Sticky bonuses

    There is also another type of bonus, namely the sticky bonus. The sticky bonus is less obvious than the clearplay or cashable bonus. This bonus is never released. So the money is only meant for playing.

    So keep a close eye on this, otherwise you will be very disappointed if you try to withdraw the value of your sticky bonus to go shopping. Always keep a close eye on the house edge, because you can save a lot of money by being smart about it.

Different software providers

The house edge, as mentioned before, also depends on the software provider. So it can happen that if you play the same game at two different casinos, the house edge will be very different. This may be due to a different software provider. For example, Playtech has a house edge of 0.43%. At Microgaming this is 0.12%.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Furthermore, it matters how the casino has set up the random number generator. It also matters how many sticks of cards are used. So there are a lot of factors to take into account. But you should still be very surprised by a house edge of more than 5%, because this actually never happens.


So how do you go about unlocking a bonus? The first step is of course to calculate the expected value. Is the expected value positive? Start playing. Stick to the plan and just execute it. This is the basic strategy.

Take into account the variations that may occur. If your expected value is 15 euros, it does not mean that you will always go home with 15 euros. Does the expected value help then? Yes, it does. If you play often, you should arrive at about the expected value. So don’t give up when you lose the first game!


In practice casinos often have an own contribution. This is beneficial for the player. However, the percentages vary greatly from game to game. A slot machine often contributes 100%, but a table game only contributes 10%. So check in advance how much is contributed, as this can also change your choice to play on the slot machine instead of choosing a table game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

🔵 Does the casino always win?

Of course, it’s the question you, as a seasoned casino player, always get at family parties. Does the casino always win? No, the casino does not always win. This is the shortest answer. In theory, you may go home with a million on the first night you go to the casino, only to never return. In the long run, however, the casino always wins. In practice, of course, it also involves large groups of people, which changes the statistics considerably (in favor of the casino).

🔵 Does it take long to make a living from playing in a casino?

If you want to make a living playing in a casino professionally, it’s a long road to travel. It takes a lot of practice and calculation, so you need to have an affinity for this. But then you have something, because you can play games for work. However, most people remain amateurs all their lives and can do anything but make ends meet.

🔵 What is the best strategy to win a lot of money quickly?

The best strategy for winning a lot of money quickly is to calculate the Expected Value and play a lot of games. Research shows that autistic people on average go home with a profit more often than other people. This is said to be because they don’t give up after losing once, while other people are more likely to quit in the face of setbacks. Rationally speaking, if you lose a game, you should keep playing because otherwise you are guaranteed to go home with a loss. So keep an eye on the Expected Value and don’t be put off by a losing game. This is just part of the game.

What kind of bonuses are there?

There are an awful lot of types of bonuses, but in this relatively short article the welcome bonus, cashable bonus and sticky bonus have been discussed. These are the most basic bonuses, but there are many other types of bonuses.

🔵 Do I really need to use all these formulas before I start playing?

No, you don’t have to. It depends on your personal goals. If you just want a fun evening and consider fun more important than making a profit, you really don’t need to worry about the formulas covered. If you want to make money, it is wise to familiarize yourself with all the facets of playing games in casinos.

Our conclusion

Although many facets of playing games in casinos can be very intimidating, in practice this doesn’t turn out to be so bad. There is nothing scary about formulas if they are clearly explained. Bonuses can be very helpful to the player, so the key is to familiarize yourself with the welcome bonus, as well as cashable and sticky bonuses. Use the formula to determine the Expected Value and always check the bonus terms, which may also be subject to a casino’s terms and conditions. Finally, it is important to always check the wagering requirement on the game you wish to play. In addition, the software used may affect the playing conditions. Then we’re there for the novice player and it’s time to start playing!