Duties and functions of the Dutch Gambling Authority

Since this week we are completely focused on the Dutch games of chance authority and its probable upcoming license, today we would like to discuss both the tasks and functions of the authorities. The core message propagated by the Dutch gaming authority is that they want to regulate a safe and reliable supply of games of chance. All this in a safe gaming environment for both online casinos and land-based establishments such as Holland Casino. What their tasks in this are You see them below:

– Supervise compliance with the legislation surrounding gambling in the Netherlands
– Make decisions regarding applications for a casino license
– Preventing gambling addiction
– Education and information

Functions of the KSA

Collaborations at home and abroad

In order to achieve the core objectives of their tasks, the Dutch games of chance authority naturally works together with several agencies. These are the tax authorities, police, prosecutor’s office, municipalities and other ministries. Together they try to prevent illegal activities and to monitor as closely as possible everything that happens within the casino market. For example, is fraud being committed or is there a suspicion of fraud? Then the tax authorities will be called in for an extra check.

Not only in our own country does the Dutch Gaming Authority work together to regulate supply and demand of gambling. The gambling market is also in full swing across borders every day. If activities abroad concern Dutch consumers of games of chance who could become addicted to them, we check whether everything is carried out legally. This is done together with foreign authorities.

Does it appear that the rules are not being complied with somewhere? Then fines will be issued. Since it has often proved difficult to collect these fines, cooperation with foreign authorities is also sought for this purpose. Naturally, this also has the common objective of combating any possible financing of terrorism.

Dutch Gaming Authority on the online market

Since there is currently no license issued from the Netherlands that allows online gambling for Dutch players, the offer is still available entirely in English. Casinos that are nevertheless available in Dutch are banned and fined. Moreover, they are excluded from licenses.

The same applies to casinos that use Dutch elements to create a familiar feeling with players from our country. A reason why, for example, Polder Casino, Klaver Casino and Fortune Casino have temporarily left the hold at the moment. After all, they want to qualify for a license from the Dutch gaming authority.

Future of the Dutch Gambling Authority

With a Dutch license on the way, there seems to be an even bigger task for the Dutch Gambling Authority. As soon as the legislation is introduced and licenses can be issued, they will be very busy. Currently there are many casinos that would like to offer games of chance to the Dutch market. After all, we as a group of gamblers are very interesting and often loyal to fixed parties.

The fact that we already know the tasks and functions of the Dutch gaming authority is therefore very nice. In the future we will have to deal with it more often and thanks to Dutch gambling licenses we will be able to see whether gambling is safe or not at a certain provider.

Current state of affairs

To conclude this message, we would like to come back to the current state of affairs regarding the upcoming legislation on gambling. By default, a law is passed in 6 phases and so it is now. The first 4 phases have been completed, which means that there are still 2 phases to go. Below are the steps that must be taken before a law can be made final in the Netherlands.

– Phase 1: Council of Ministers agreement, bill sent to State Council for advice.
– Phase 2: Bill submitted to the House of Representatives, written procedure.
– Stage 3: Bill submitted for plenary debate to House of Representatives.
– Stage 4: House of Representatives passed bill, submitted to Senate written consideration.
– Stage 5: Notified for plenary consideration by Senate.
– Stage 6: Senate passed bill, publication of Official Gazette.

As you can see, the bill must first be debated in the Senate. Once the bill is also approved there, as it was in the House of Representatives, it can be finalized. Once it is published in the State Gazette, the law on gambling is final and providers can finally apply for a license. We wait in suspense!