Double Attack Blackjack

Go double in attack with Double Attack Blackjack

There is also an additional sidebet to play at Double Attack. This bonus game is known by several names, namely Bust It!, Bust Out, or Buster. One difference from regular Blackjack is that this game uses 8 Spanish decks of cards. A Spanish deck consists of 48 cards, as the tens are removed from the deck. The rest of the values are the same.

Double Attack Blackjack rules

This game goes by the normal rules of the game. However, there are a few exceptions.

  • After each round, all the cards are reshuffled. The dealer is dealt one card face up and one card face down, and may cheat to see if he has blackjack. This is only if the face-up card is an ace or a ten-point card. If it is, he will offer all players insurance against blackjack for cheating. The original bet is then doubled 2.5 times.
  • The dealer always stops when he has seventeen or more points in his hand, and is dealt only the first card face up. The rest of the cards are dealt face down.
  • Players are dealt the first and last cards face up. You may split up to four hands, but aces may not be split again. After you split aces, you only get one more card.
  • You may double each hand a maximum of once, and only after the original bet or Double Attack bet. If you placed a Double Attack bet when the dealer has an ace or ten-point card as an open card, you only lose your original bet if the dealer has blackjack.
  • You can double or surrender at any time during the game.

Double Attack BlackjackDouble Attack Blackjack

Side bet rules

In the Bust It sidebet, you can place an additional bet equal to or less than the original bet on the chance that the dealer will bust with three cards, i.e. that he will go over 21 points. If you bust or get blackjack before this happens, the dealer plays the third card to see if the sidebet is won. If the dealer wins or fails to bust, you lose the side bet. If the dealer busts with more than three cards, different rules apply.

In general, you win the side bet only if the dealer busts with three cards. How much you win varies with which card the dealer finishes with. If a ten is the third card, your bet is doubled three times. A nine doubles your bet six times. An eight as the third card doubles your bet eight times. A seven doubles your bet ten times, and a six as the third card doubles your bet fifteen times.

Finally, you can win extra if the dealer busts with an eight as the third card and another eight in his hand. If the eights are both red or black, your winnings are doubled 50 times, and if the eights are the same suit, say, both eight of spades, your bet is doubled 200 times. However, according to some sources, these last two rules only apply if the dealer has three eights, not two.

Additional Bust It Rules

In some online casinos, you can win extra at this bonus game if the dealer busts with more than three cards. When the dealer busts with three or four cards, regardless of the values of the cards, your bet is doubled. At five cards your bet is doubled four times, and at six cards the bet is doubled twelve times.

If the dealer busts with seven cards in hand, your bet is doubled 50 times, and if the dealer has as many as eight cards in hand when he busts, your bet is doubled as much as 250 times. So you can make quite a profit in addition to the original bet, by betting a double attack with both your own cards and the sidebet.