Do you recognize this superstition when gambling?

Many people are still somewhat superstitious. They don’t walk under a ladder, prefer not to see black cats or are convinced that there is more between heaven and earth.

Are you not the superstitious type but are you planning to go to the casino or gamble online?

Superstition and gambling are strongly linked

Be aware that superstition and gambling will always be connected. Many people think that gambling can be influenced by certain actions or superstitions so it is definitely important that you read up on the following superstitious claims. Whether you believe them or not, there are those who swear that a little superstition can only benefit gambling.

Carry a good luck charm

Make use of a talisman or something that brings you luck. This is by no means a new phenomenon as it was done in ancient times. Do you have something special that you think will bring you luck, perhaps because you received the item from someone special or because it has brought luck before? Then bring it to the casino or put it nearby if you gamble at an online casino. A lucky charm can come in many forms but the most famous are undoubtedly the four-leaf clover, the horseshoe or the rabbit’s foot. Do you have something completely different? As long as you believe it brings luck, it’s okay.

The color red brings luck

A superstition that originated in China has to do with the color red. It is said to bring good luck. Many casino visitors wear a red garment or accessory in the hope that it will bring them better luck in the game. There are even casinos that have special red rooms. And how about the color red for half the numbers at Roulette? If you are only superstitious enough you definitely think that there is a greater chance that the roulette ball will land on a red number instead of a black one.

Leave the table for a while or look the other way

Some people are superstitious enough to walk away from the table or look away before the outcome is announced after they have placed a bet. They believe that they then have a greater chance of winning. In online gambling or gaming, you may then choose to look away from the screen. Presumably this behavior has more to do with the fact that the tension is too much for them but anyway, it helps you, right?

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Never keep your fingers or legs crossed

Whereas for certain things people sometimes keep their fingers crossed in the hope of a good outcome, this is something that is absolutely not done in the casino. Crossing your fingers brings more bad luck than happiness. Even crossing your legs is not done because it doesn’t bode well for the outcome of your gamble. If you gamble at home rather than in a casino, make sure you don’t cross your legs or fingers.

Never count your money at the table

Never count your money while you are still at the gaming table in the casino. Even if you have already won a lot, this can bring you disaster and is also not neat and extremely unprofessional. Would you still like to know how much you have won? Then take your money or chips and leave the table. Besides, other people have nothing to do with how much you actually won. If you gamble at home at your computer or on your smartphone, the counting is already done for you and it happens digitally so you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Don’t pay with $50 bills

Many casino customers, especially in the United States, are convinced that you better not gamble with a $50 bill because it brings bad luck. A large number of casinos don’t even pay out in bills of that value. Online, of course, this is no problem at all since there is no paper money involved and everything is done digitally.

Respect others

Don’t believe in all of this very much now? Then feel free to gamble but keep in mind that there are people who can have a firm belief in it and respect this. You yourself probably have very different things that you believe in or crazy habits that you think bring good luck. These don’t have to be scientifically based and if they don’t bother anyone, you can just use them while gambling, whether online or in a real casino. And if it brings you luck, that’s always a good thing.