Do those big jackpots on online slots ever fall?

The progressive jackpot is linked to a whole series of the same slot machines, sometimes even at different casinos. This jackpot is sometimes absurdly high and you naturally ask yourself: Does this jackpot ever fall?

That’s what we thought and we went to investigate. As it turns out, the jackpot does hit regularly. That resulted in quite a few players becoming millionaires thanks to this progressive jackpot. Not bad at all.

The biggest winners in online slots

It’s good to know that this jackpot does indeed hit regularly. Some are smaller, but there are also the occasional mega-hit. We have listed some of them for you, but they are far too many to list here.

£13 million won with Super Moolah

In 2015, Private Jon Heywood won £13 million at the Betway Casino. For this, he played Super Moolah, a game from Microgaming. The profit made the man a millionaire overnight but he decided to spend the money wisely and use it for the medical treatments his sick father needed. Thus, the winnings were also used for a good cause of course.

$17 million won on Mega Fortune

Another slot machine winner who won a large sum of money did so with the game Mega Fortune. The name says it all, the loot is mega when you win. A player from Finland, who wishes to remain anonymous, managed to win no less than $17 million with this game. He did this by winning the jackpot with a relatively low stake and became an instant multimillionaire.

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Jackpot Falling

$11 million won on Mega Fortune

The next winner in line also earned his biggest win playing Mega Fortune. A Norwegian student decided to take a gamble with some friends after a night at the cinema, not knowing that it would yield a big prize. The man managed to win, with a small bet, $11 million. The win, of course, came as a complete surprise to the player who had never dreamed of winning such a high prize in his life.

$8 million won on Mega Fortune

The winner of $8 million was the then 30-year-old Alexander from Sweden. For him, too, luck showed up while playing Mega Fortune. Surely you would begin to think that there is quite a lot to win with this game. He achieved his win in 2015 by making the game’s jackpot his own. For him, too, the win came like a bolt from the blue. Of course, everyone hopes to win something when you go gambling at the casino but such prizes usually remain unattainable and are things people only dream about.

$9.2 million won on Mega Moolah

The last winner in the list managed to win a whopping $9.2 million with Mega Moolah. At the Tipico Mobile Casino, this anonymous gambler (it is not even known whether he is a man or a woman) managed to achieve this profit by winning the game’s jackpot. How the winner spends the money or perhaps has already spent it is unknown to date but that is of course also completely his or her own choice.

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Everyone has a chance to win

Either way, when you play at an online casino, it’s fun to win something. If you like to play slot games, you can have a great time and if you’re lucky enough to win something, you can. Are you thinking, I’ll never win big prizes like the jackpot? Keep this in mind: someone will win it once. And that could be you. Man dare to dream is surely the motto. Gambling should remain fun and know when to stop, but he who does not dare, he who does not win.

Relatively few very large prizes

Big prizes are of course relatively rare but they do exist. It’s certainly not the case that the jackpot never happens, only that the chances of it happening are significantly lower than those of winning lesser amounts. It’s not impossible, however, and keep in mind that it can always happen. Don’t overdo it though, as gambling can become an addiction that is hard to get rid of. Continuing to gamble because you’re sure you’ll hit the jackpot one day could end up causing you financial problems and that’s never the intention. Just keep it fun.

Make sure you have fun

And if your evening gambling at the casino didn’t pay off, you still had a great time. The excitement of online gambling can be a boon for people who want to get away from it all and a night out with friends is always fun. You can have a chat while enjoying a snack and a drink and who knows, you might even win something. If you don’t want to bet yourself, you can of course just go along and cheer on the other players. You might even bring them luck.