Do casinos use extra oxygen?

The world of gambling and casinos remains a special thing. You can turn a visit to the casino into a pleasant outing with friends but the thrill of gambling in particular is an important reason for many people to do so.

Gambling and casinos are often associated with a special world that is not real and often the wildest stories circulate. Sometimes these stories take on a life of their own and more and more people start to believe them. Even though they are not true at all.

An urban legend or really true?

There is often talk about the fact that casinos pump extra oxygen into the premises while people are playing but what is really true about that story? Is it just an urban legend or is there perhaps a grain of truth in it? How this story came into the world is in any case totally unclear. It has been talked about for decades, that much is clear. At least some people believe it while others dismiss it as sheer nonsense.

Why would you pump in extra oxygen?

Why would a casino pump oxygen into the premises during play? One reason given by people who believe this is done is that the oxygen causes players to stay awake longer.

And thus stay longer and wager more money. This way they can keep playing longer and of course this mainly benefits the casino. But does this really happen? Some even believe that nitrous oxide is used to allow players to go on much longer.

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Other strange stories about casinos

The use of extra oxygen or nitrous oxide is not the only strange story that circulates about casinos. These are not all about the air on site but also about other things that make players play more and stay longer. Keep in mind that some stories are even true, even if they seem so implausible. We’ve listed a few of these stories briefly for you.

  • Someone decides when the jackpot falls

  • There is someone in the casino who watches the players and determines when the jackpot on a slot machine will hit. This is mainly believed because players sometimes gamble for hours without winning anything, while the person who comes after them walks away with the jackpot in no time. However, it is highly unlikely that this will actually happen as the jackpot really only falls at random and it is just plain lucky if you are the one to win it.

  • Food and drink are free so you stay longer

  • Unlimited food and drinks are provided by the casino so that you stay in for as long as possible and don’t go home or to another casino. There is a grain of truth in this because usually your glass is refilled and you are offered tasty snacks without having to pay extra for them. But you will stay longer and the casino has achieved its goal.

  • No clocks so you forget the time

  • Most people have little sense of time when they are gambling at the casino. There are rarely clocks in casinos and the use of certain lights sometimes makes it difficult to determine what time it is and keeps you playing, especially if it is exciting and you are on the winning side. Reason enough to make sure you can see what time it is.

  • Lights and music make you forget everything else

  • In the casino, the lights and music can make you forget about the rest of the world and just keep on playing. Also, the sound of a slot machine winning can stimulate you to continue with the game. The sound of the coins being paid out is, of course, also wonderful to hear.

Oxygen story is of course nonsense

Coming back to the oxygen story for a moment. This is of course not true. Yes, the presence of more oxygen in the air keeps you fresher and awake but it is also dangerous. Pure oxygen is highly flammable and also expensive and forbidden to pump into buildings. Therefore, a casino would never take this risk and put the players at risk with it. If you are allowed to smoke there then it would be even more dangerous. Every casino has good air conditioning for hot days and to provide fresh air and on cold days the heating is definitely on. But pumping in pure oxygen? No, they really don’t.