In America, Craps is the loudest and most entertaining game you can play in a casino. In Las Vegas, people stand around the craps table cheering and booing. Holland Casino has its own dice game: DiceBall

In the Netherlands you cannot play craps at Holland Casino. Unfortunately they do not offer it. They do, however, offer DiceBall. This is mainly because craps requires many Dealers and the personnel costs are very high in Holland.

What is DiceBall?

Diceball is played with 2 dice. Players must predict the outcome of the roll of the dice. At the start of each game, all players can place a bet. One of the players is the shooter and this player rolls the dice.

This the player may do for an entire turn. A turn ends when a game round ends. This can be after only two rolls. It can also take much longer. It depends on his rolls of the dice.

The shooter is the player who gets to throw and stands on the short side of the table. The shooter receives the dice from the dealer by means of a wooden pointing stick, a rateau. It is then up to the shooter to throw the dice low across the table so that they will hit the other side.

The shooter may shake and throw with one hand. Of course, the dice may end up slanted, in which case the roll is over. After the roll, no one may place their hands or a bet on the table.
This is DiceBall This is DiceBall (source: Onetime.com)

Betting options

Diceball is a game where you bet on the outcome of the dice that the shooter rolls. The shooter is also allowed to bet! If the shooter rolls seven, it’s called a Seven Out and it provides a payout of 4x. But there are even more betting options:

  • Run Line
  • Run Line has a payout of 1x and is received if there is a result other than a 7 4 times in a row. The bet remains in place as long as there is no 7. The bet is lost as soon as the outcome is 7.

  • Place Line
  • Payout is 1x and you receive if the roll matches the chosen number. The bet stands if the outcome is different, unless there is a 7, in which case you lose. You may place the bet on the Place Line between rolls.

  • Hard Line
  • This bet pays 5 times if the roll is equal to the chosen double number, i.e. two equal dice. The bet will stand if the result is different and if the result is 7, the bet is lost. Important to know is that you can place the bet on the Hard Line between rolls. You can also remove or increase the bet.

  • Grand Slam
  • Here a payout only takes place if the outcome of the roll is a 7. How often depends on the player’s previous runs. Four consecutive throws where there is no 7 is called a run. Payouts occur from 3 runs (1x) and continue up to a maximum of 6 complete runs (payout 35x).

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Diceball Payouts

In diceball the payouts depend on your bet. Below is an overview of the payouts:

  • For Run Line you get a payout of 1x.
  • Place Line gives you a payout of 1x.
  • Hard Line gives you a payout of 5x.
  • Seven Out gives you a payout of 4x.

Grand Slam Bonus payouts

The following applies to Grand Slam payouts:

  • For 3 complete runs you will receive a payout of 1x.
  • After 4 complete runs you will receive a payout of 5x.
  • For 5 complete runs you will receive a payout of 15x.
  • After 6 complete runs you will receive a payout of 35x.

The diceball tableThe diceball table

Where can you play diceball?

Diceball can be played at various locations of Holland Casino. The locations in Breda, Scheveningen, Rotterdam, Venlo, Valkenburg and Utrecht offer the game. To try Diceball, choose your local branch and experience it for yourself.

As far as we know you cannot (yet) play Diceball online.

Tips for playing Diceball at Holland Casino

If you’re playing Diceball at Holland Casino for the first time, you could certainly use some tips. It’s wise to make sure you’ve mastered the rules of the game. This is the best basis for starting to play. By practicing a few times you’ll have mastered the rules of the game in no time. Diceball is a game that is easy to learn.

  • Your luck is largely in your own hands with diceball. It’s best to throw underhand. The dice have a better chance of staying in the box.
  • From Holland Casino, players who want to play Diceball for the first time are advised to bet on Run Line first.
  • You can spread the chances of winning by placing multiple bets. An example is betting on the Hard Line, you have a chance as long as there is no 7. The payout is 5x.

It takes some getting used to to see what is the most comfortable way for you to play and throw the dice. You’ll find that everyone throws diceball in his or her own way. By playing Diceball you will find out the best throwing tactics for you as a player.

Other Holland Casino games

At Holland Casino you can play many other games besides DiceBall. These include the well-known casino games European Roulette and Blackjack. Slot machines are also widely available. Due to the wide variety of games available at Holland Casino you will always find a game that suits you.

You can easily learn the rules of the game thanks to the video tutorial at Holland Casino. Please note that the games on offer at each Holland Casino location may vary. DiceBall is not available in every establishment.