Deal or No Deal Live

Evolution Gaming is the market leader when it comes to offering dedicated live casino games. They have shown this in recent years with games such as Lightning Roulette and Monopoly Live.

Now they come with Live Deal or No Deal. The fun part of playing live Deal or No Deal is mainly that it is based on the television program of the same name. Numbered suitcases take center stage. As a player, can you resist an offer from the bank or will you trust your suitcase?

Deal or No Deal is very interactiveDeal or No Deal Live is very interactive

Deal or No Deal Live game rules

What are the game rules? It is an elaborate game. First of all, you have to qualify yourself for the game. In order to do this, you have to enter a kind of wheel of fortune game. There is a wheel with 3 rotating parts. Within the lock section you must then try to get 3 golden layers to appear. If you succeed in doing so, you can participate in the game.

A special feature of this is that you can even set a difficulty level. But beware, because this does determine what you can ultimately win. You determine the stake for each spin. You can bet as often as you like to try and qualify. As soon as you succeed, you will be confronted with the so-called Top Up wheel in the main game. Here you can once again place a bet, with which you can win up to 50 times your stake.

Once again, you can spin the wheel as many times as you like, after which you will be taken to the main game, which is performed as if you were on the television show. Once you arrive at the show, you can choose 1 of the 16 suitcases to play with. You then have to play away the other suitcases, whereby the value of these suitcases is of course determined on the basis of the bets you managed to win in the main round.

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The choice of the case is decisive
The choice of the case is decisive
Deal or No Deal from Evolution Gaming
Deal or No Deal from Evolution Gaming
Deal or No Deal is very popular on television
Deal or No Deal is very popular on television

The different rounds in the game

  • First round and the first bid

  • At the moment the first round is played, 3 of the 15 remaining suitcases will be opened randomly. The amounts inside are removed from the left or right-hand side of the screen, leaving 12 suitcases and one suitcase for the player. When the suitcases are opened, an offer comes from the bank. You can take it, but you can also play another round. Do you accept the offer? Then click on DEAL and if you do not take the offer click on NO DEAL.

  • Second round and the second bid

  • After playing the first round, if you clicked NO DEAL you can go on to play another round. If you click on DEAL you take the bid and the game is over. There is no “virtual” continuation of the game as there is on TV. Do you get to play the second round of live Deal or No Deal? Then a total of 4 cases are randomly transferred. The amounts from these suitcases will also be crossed out. After striking off the amounts, the bank will come up with a new bid, where you will again be given the option DEAL and NO DEAL.

  • Third round and the third bid

  • If you do not choose to take the bank’s bid in round two there will be another round. This is round three of the maximum five rounds. In the third round they randomly play 4 suitcases again, just like in the second round. After this there is also a bid from the bank which can be taken with DEAL. Or you reject it by clicking on NO DEAL.

  • Fourth round and the fourth bid

  • During the fourth round after the possible rejection of the bank’s offer they play again 3 suitcases away. This is also done randomly. If the three suitcases are out, the bank will make another bid. You can accept the offer by clicking on DEAL or reject it by clicking on NO DEAL. On the other hand, there is also a SWITCH BRIEFCASES button. You can use this button if you think the suitcase on the table has a lower value than the suitcase still in play.

  • Final round and the last bid

  • Did you choose NO DEAL after round four? Then one final round will be played, which will then determine the final amount you win. You win the amount of money which is in the suitcase on the table next to the croupier. In order to show that everything in Deal or No Deal is done according to the rules, the other suitcase will also be opened, so that you can see on your screen that all the amounts that were in the game were actually played.

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Our verdict on Deal or No Deal Live

Evolution manages to captivate and entertain players every time. In Deal or No Deal Live, just like the famous TV show, it’s all about suitcases. Can you choose the right suitcase and upgrade it? Then you can win great prizes. The game is fast paced and remains exciting until the last suitcase. Take the proposal from the bank or go for the suitcase. A dilemma that comes back every game and what makes the game so much fun. This live casino game fits perfectly into Evolution’s portfolio.