Danish Gambling Authority

The commission provides a comprehensive audit of Gaming activities. Do you encounter a casino that has such a license? Then know that you can gamble safely and that there are actual chances to win.

Licensing scheme Danish Gaming Authority

In 2012, the Danish Gaming Authority made a great leap forward in the area of security. They created the Danis NemID for this purpose. Since then, casinos can only get or keep a license if a secure way of logging in is guaranteed. All this with an electronic signature. This means that just logging in through a casino’s form is not enough. Thanks to the Danish NemID a player can give an extra confirmation that he wants to use his account. By the way, this is also a check on the age requirement. To gamble at a casino in Denmark you must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Types of licenses Denmark

In order to properly regulate all gambling practices, the Danish Gaming Authority has created two licenses. Not surprisingly so, because after all it’s not just about casino games, but also about sports betting. Below is a brief explanation of each license.

Betting license Denmark

The betting licence which can be obtained in Denmark covers all online betting. These can be bets on virtual sports, but also on real sporting events. There are many players who have such a license and therefore you can always bet on your favorite soccer matches.

As you may understand, within the Danish Gaming Authority the casino license is the most important. It guarantees a safe gaming environment at the casino and fair odds of winning. Both casinos and software providers must apply for such a license. Incidentally, this is not issued just like that. All parties must meet the legal requirements to be allowed to offer games of chance.

Player protection Danish Gaming Authority

In 2007, the European Gaming and Amusement Industry reached an agreement in Maastricht concerning the protection of players. The Danish Gaming Authority has been a member of this agreement from the beginning. This means that it will always check its licenses and protect players from casinos that flout the rules. In short, the Danish Gaming Authority also has an executive duty. Players can submit complaints to it, which will require extensive investigation. Moreover, within these agreements there is the obligation that feedback must always be given. Do you have a dispute with a casino that has the Danish Gaming Authority license? Then you can simply turn to this gaming authority!

Bonuses always available for 60 days

The last thing we want to give you for this gaming authority has everything to do with casino bonuses. What few authorities do, but the Danish Gaming Authority does?

They require casinos to deposit money directly into the player’s account at all times when the conditions are met. Moreover, at all online casinos with this license you have at least 60 days to clear your bonus. Is there a casino bonus offered at such a gambling site? Then you can definitely accept it. Releasing it should be possible without any disadvantages!