Dan Bilzerian, his life and career in the casino

VIPs and people who have quite a bit to spend also come to casinos. Most casinos have little problem with that because it is good advertising and they don’t care about a few cents more or less.

One well-known casino visitor is Dan Bilzerian. Besides the fact that he is no stranger to the casino world and especially as a poker player, Bilzerian is also known as a playboy and he often shows up in the company of beautiful ladies and is surrounded by all kinds of luxury like expensive cars.

The early years of Dan Bilzerian

Does the name not mean much to you? Then read the following story about him to find out more about this successful poker player who has managed to win quite a bit with the game. His story will certainly surprise you and is very special indeed. First, some facts about Dan Bilzerian’s life. He was born in 1980 in Tampa, Florida in the United States.

His father had a large company and salary and made sure that his family lacked nothing materially, but was often not there and that was not pleasant for his sons who experienced this as a great loss. The problem escalated when his father went to prison and Dan started to get into trouble at school, was bullied and even fought with other students.

High school days of Dan Bilzerian

All this led to him being expelled from school and attending another school a few places away. However, this was by no means a bad move because there things went much better for him. He made friends, his work for school went well and he was even a member of the student council. In fact, everything was going well until a machine gun was found in his car that he used to enter the school grounds.

Even when it became clear that he had no further intentions, that was not enough to prevent him from being sent away. For the second time. He was allowed to finish his last year of high school from home but a real graduation ceremony was out of the question.

Just no diploma in the navy for Dan

After high school Bilzerian joined the Navy, hoping to become a so-called Navy Seal. He worked hard for it but his career there also came to an early end because a few weeks before he was to take his exam and receive his diploma, he had a fight with a superior. This also meant his dismissal from the Navy.

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Introduction to Poker during Study Time

After this, Bilzerian enrolled at the University of Florida. Despite all the previous problems and his short fuse, he did have a good brain and chose to study commerce and criminology. He was also awarded degrees in both studies. During his college years, he became acquainted with Poker.

This happened already during his first year of studies where he started playing against and with fellow students. After that he started gambling on Poker online with the result that by the end of his studies he was completely addicted to the game.

Only at the age of 25 for the first time to the casino

However, it was not until he reached the age of 25 that he went to an actual casino for the first time. Bilzerian then had full access to the fund that his father had set up for him and he decided to travel to Lake Tahoe with a suitcase full of money. In order not to gamble away his entire fortune at once, he set himself a budget with a limit. If he lost, at least he wouldn’t lose his entire fortune in one fell swoop.

Participation in the World Series of Poker brought success

He participated in various poker tournaments and in 2009 in the famous World Series of Poker. He played against very well-known and professional players and won more than €30,000, but more importantly, he was noticed by sponsor Victory Poker. They offered him a one-year sponsorship contract if he would wear their clothes and advertise for them. Thus was done, only Victory Poker did not make it in the gambling world where the competition is huge.

What did he win?

After this, Bilzerian decided to put his money mainly into games where there was cash to be made. Being good at playing and gambling, he was able to quickly turn a not too high stakes game into more than $187,000 (over €150,000) so that is not at all unsuccessful. There is also talk that he would have won more than $10 million in a casino in Las Vegas but there are some doubts about this. He himself has given birth to this rumor and is known for his art of exaggeration. So whether this is really so much is not really likely.

Sponsoring other players also pays off

Bilzerian is not only a good player himself but also knows how to get rich in other clever ways. For example, he also sponsors other players who would like to participate in poker tournaments but don’t have the budget to do so themselves. This way he chooses his players and if they win, he of course also gets a share of the profit. He grants other players a chance to participate but certainly benefits himself. Not a bad tactic at all, of course.

What else is going on in his life?

Is Bilzerian’s life all about poker? Well no, that is not the case. He also enjoys the other pleasures of luxury but when it comes to gambling, he likes to put his money where his mouth is, other than on Poker. He is also fond of sports betting. He is absolutely known to gamble on absolutely anything, no matter how strange it may be. He cycled quite a distance himself and bet a lot of money on it. He also did that and part of the proceeds went to charity. In 2015 he organized a poker tournament which attracted a lot of VIPs and with which he managed to raise quite a bit for charity.

Support for charities

Now Bilzerian is not only known as a gambler and playboy but he also does good things for other people who are less fortunate than him. He has started the so-called Robin Hood Project. This project supports people who are struggling financially, for whatever reason. In the United States, donations up to $10,000 (about €8500) are tax-free so that’s what someone can get at most through the project. This way, no taxes have to be paid on it and the recipient gets the maximum possible.

A little more about his personal life

So much for Poker and other bets made by Bilzerian. He managed to amass a considerable fortune and it certainly didn’t do him any harm. About his personal life, which is bizarrely luxurious, there is still a lot to be written and told. Bilzerian lives in a huge closet of a house in Las Vegas. He obviously has the necessary staff to assist him and the house itself does not lie either with 11 bedrooms, a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, home cinema and so on.

And the house is just the beginning because he also has several expensive sports cars at his disposal. He doesn’t mind parties, because he throws many of them with countless guests. This allows him to confirm his reputation as a playboy because it will not surprise you that many beautiful ladies are present at the parties.

Social media plays an important role

Social media plays an important role in Bilzerian’s life but that probably won’t surprise you. He has countless famous and infamous friends with lots of followers and is no small boy on Instagram and Twitter. He regularly posts messages that get the laughs but only in a positive sense because it’s just funny. He does have special views when it comes to politics. For example, he is in favor of legalizing prostitution and drugs, partly because it can bring in quite a bit of revenue for taxes. And he would also like to see the laws on gun ownership made a little less strict. This is not surprising since he owns more than a hundred guns, which are displayed and can be admired by visitors.

Only regretting what he didn’t do

Bilzerian even appears on the big screen now and then so you might know him from that. His life is not only luxurious but extraordinary and bizarre. Previous problems did not cause him to fall into financial misery, but on the contrary, he has managed to amass a large fortune and become stinking rich. That he lives in the fantasy world of Las Vegas is of course only logical.

And as he says himself: he only regrets what he did not do at certain moments, nothing else. And his luxurious life is, of course, a witness to that. Who doesn’t dream of everything Bilzerian has and can buy?